Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Explorer Reports On Oro Valley Election Results

We hope the voters will get as much out of the quotes in the article as we did.

The future of Oro Valley is in our hands. There are very good reasons why we support Mike Zinkin for Mayor & Dr. Don Emmons & Matthew Rabb for Council.

We will discuss more about the "whys" in the weeks approaching this critical election.

Hopefully, more of our citizens will partake in the process in this runoff election.

Nobody should leave it up to others to make this decision for them.

Here is The Explorer article.


Eleanor said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
freedom fighters said...

Eleanor - you might want to consider that the commentary was headed into dangerous waters - for you, as well. Ophra Winfrey is under the gun for defamation currently; from what I read on that stream, you people might have been compromising yourselves.

Thanks Zeeman for pulling the plug.

The Zee Man said...

I have deleted Eleanor's comment as it attempts to restart an argument that I determined was viscous and non productive to our readers.

Eleanor, we are not going back there. So drop it.

I will continue to monitor all comments and remove those that I consider completely out of line.

In addition, our terms of use request users to stay on topic. The topic of this posting is the Explorer report on election results.

You all need to read it.

OV Objective Thinker said...

FF...As the blog master and a frequent poster Art has placed himself in the public eye much as an elected individual.. Very little can be said to a person like that that could be considered

freedom fighters said...

Thinker - I wasn't referring to Art.

Nombe Watanabe said...

I think I've died and gone to heaven!

All of the LACKies are out. Hoisted by their own dark deeds. I think I can say, without fear of censorship, that the reason Loomis, Paula Abdul, Carter and the K-man are gone is, at least in some part, because of the public uproar and justified outrage stoked by this Blog.

As for the Explorer article. I did not see sufficient fear and loathing to meet my standards for journalism. (Hunter Thompson (RIP) and/or Matt Taibbi would have given us a much more juicy and truthful explanation for the election results.)

So be it. NW

OV Objective Thinker said...

Nombe....While no one is sure what censorship will be imposed next, I would credit the 10-15 people who blog herein with carrying too much weight.

Secondly, I doubt this blog had anything to do with the departure of Al Kunisch who's wife passed away Tuesday afternoon after a courageous bout with pancreatic cancer.

I think in would be wise to tread lightly on that topic.

artmarth said...

We are sorry to hear of ex-council member Kunisch's wife's passing.

Regardless of politics, I trust we all wish Al our best and offer our condolences on his loss.

Nombe Watanabe said...

I join Art, and, I am sure, all blog participants, in expressing sympathy upon hearing of ex-member Kunisch's wife's passing

Further, the entire LACK group deserves respect and thanks for their service. As has been pointed out in various threads on this blog, it is a hell of a lot easier to sit at home and complain than to actually run for office and then run a government.

I do maintain however, that the stress of constant complaint and the fierce questioning regarding L'Affaire Andrews, could only have added to anyone's decision to resign. If you are 49% inclined to resign it would not take much to push you into well deserved retirement.


Desert Voice said...


Without commenting on political differences at this moment, it must have very hard for Kunisch to support his wife during her final days while controversy swirled around the Council. My condolences to Mr. Kunisch on his wife's passing.

On a different tone, how exciting to have the youngest of all the candidates win enough votes to make the finals.

Initially, I thought no, Matt is too young. Then at a Sun City forum, Matt, 28-29yrs fielded questions from a very senior senior about her passion, OVPL.By the end of their dialogue, with his careful listening and total presence, he'd won her heart and vote. Rabb's got people skills and presence.

Oro Valley is at the crossroads of very complex developmental issues. They require indepth research, study and concern for Oro Valley. Rabb just graduated law school and passed the Bar, quite an accomplishment. TOV needs someone who is bright, energetic, and diligent. While those of us who are now "vintage" can offer our experience, who can argue that Rabb enjoys speed of processing, a strength for Council service?

Legal questions often surface at TOV meetings. Matt brings his professional expertise to the job as Councilman as well.

In conversation one day, Rabb shared how he got his coveted internship in the Senate. Without any connections in Washington, Rabb networked with everyone he met about his goals...until finally Matt parlayed himself into a prize job. In my opinion, this demonstrates his focus on how to achieve his goals, his ability on his feet, his skill with people. OV needs politicians with those skills.

The Council touts its seniors as members but maybe this year it needs a "youngin", too, so that the Council reflects the total community. Has there ever been a young councilman?

He's good looking, with impeccable manners, son of a business family who live in Oro Valley. You might want to take a second look at Rabb...I did and I support him.

OV Objective Thinker said...

Desert Voice...

I understand your attraction to Matt.

However, some of those things that you point out as advantages, I look at as disadvantages.

First of all you do not get an internship in the Senate without connections. His father is well connected in the Democratic Party and there WAS some grease on the rails. Not that he didn't deserve the position but let's not underestimate.

Secondly the fact that he is a young lawyer means that he needs to work as hard as he can to establish himself. A position on the Town Council IS NOT a part time position. Therefore he will need to put aside most of his young practice to work on Oro Valley issues.

I also have some reservations about the mere fact that he is a lawyer. There is an old story about when you get two lawyers in a room you will have three opinions. The Town has an attorney and I am not sure there is room for two.

Matt is a great young man. This just isn't the time for someone who doesn't have some very strong life experiences.

I also have serious concerns about his positions as it related to the business community. He voiced an opinion on the Phoenix incentive agreement which turned out to be incorrect and he presented it in a way that was somewhat alarming.

For those and other reasons, I am not convinced that he is ready to serve in the position sought.

John Martin said...

Don, I will have to disagree with you (and others who've expressed the same recently) on this particular point: "A position on the Town Council IS NOT a part time position."

It most certainly is. I would further submit that precisely what has ailed this town in the past and does so currently is that too many on the council consider it a "full-time job."

artmarth said...

Matt Rabb is totally qualified to serve. He is bright, articulate and he has the time and desire to serve his community.

So far, the ONLY complaints about Matt is is age.

As I noted previously, the 60-80+ age group on the last council didn't do too well in serving us.

Might it not be an appropriate time to vote young Matt Rabb into office?

The young man is wise beyond his years, regardless of those that will go to any means to discredit him.

You will find Matthew Rabb to be more than worthy of your vote.

OV Objective Thinker said...


In my discussions with some current and former council members, every one of them has said that to do the job right, you need to spend 30 to 45 hours a week reviewing the material for meetings (two council meetings and usually two study sessions), meeting with citizens who want to see you, discussing matters with the Town Manager, contacting businees and community leaders, etc.

As a commissioner on the P&Z that only met once a month, it was not unusual to spend 20-30 hours a month preparing for the meeting, going to study sessions and attending site visits. I also attended every developer/neighborhood meeting I could.

It takes a lot of do it right.

Desert Voice said...


Loomis says he works 6 hours a day at his job...times 6 or 7 days is a 35 hour week. Are you saying that you think Zinkin who has the freedom to work fulltime as Mayor is the right choice?

If so, I couldn't agree more! For once you and I agree totally.

In fact, anyone who plans to divide his time between a $1-2 million dollar annual business, four children and job as Mayor of OV, may not realize the kind of commitment it will take. Raising four children, running your own business and wearing the top hat of a town of at least 44,000, may be just too ambitious, ie spreading oneself too thin. Each role is commendable but is it realizable when you multiply by three?

Realists would say it is not. Focus, focus, focus.

Zinkin, on the other hand, cares about his role and plans to work it fulltime. FT may be more the expectation for the Mayor's job and less so that of Council. Mike's children are adults. He is pensioned. He wants to dedicate his time to this role and has his wife's support.

OV Objective Thinker said...

DV... I don't want Mike working 1 hour a day at the Mayor position.

Hiremate will give the position the time it needs to be successful. I suspect that he will find a practice manager and devote a minimum amount of time to his dental practice.

freedom fighters said...

Thinker - Hiremath already devotes little time to his practice. I am up for more than $3,000 in bridge work, this week, to correct his inattention to my mouth.
Think of what that could mean to O.V.? Look at what happened to GOVAC under Hiremath's oversite.

artmarth said...

Has anyone noticed that Cox has an answer for everything? Usually, his answers make no sense, but that does not deter him.

We need look no further than his previous comments on this thread to prove the point.

Cox, in referring to Matt Rabb had this to say:

"--The fact that he is a young lawyer means that he needs to work as hard as he can to establish himself. A position on the Town Council IS NOT a part time position. Therefore he will need to put aside most of his young practice to work on Oro Valley issues."

OK. According to Cox, Matt "will need to put aside most of his young practice to work on Oro Valley issues."

Next Cox alludes to Satish Hiremath. Now we hear a different tune from Cox.

He writes: "Hiremate will give the position the time it needs to be successful. I suspect that he will find a practice manager and devote a minimum amount of time to his dental practice."

So---- Matt who works for his dad's law firm won't have time to serve as a Council Member, but Satish, who owns his dental practice will have all the time needed to raise his children work, and be mayor.

Do I need to say more?

We all should vote for Mike Zinkin & Matt Rabb because it is in OUR best interests.

Eleanor said...

Artmarth raises some very curious points that have not been explained.

Does the blog still support Don Emmons for council?

And what caused the meteoric rise of Rabb in the eyes of the Blogmasters?

Not that long ago Artmarth was saying the blog had "thoroughly vetted all of the candidates" and "the only qualified" candidate for council was Dr. Don Emmons...

artmarth said...

Yes Eleanor. This blog continues to support Dr. Don Emmons as a worthy, qualified candidate for council.

This blog also supports Matt Rabb for council.

Can you find one reference anywhere on this blog where we, as blogmasters, said anything but good things about Matt?

You can't!

Matt was always a worthy candidate, and that worthiness has not diminished.

You Eleanor, should be a little more cautious when you attribute quotes to me. When you find where I "artmarth" said " I thoroughly vetted all of the candidates"
come back and show me.

You can't. Once again, your statement is FALSE!

OV Objective Thinker said...

Has any one noticed that as on point and as nicely as I know how to present something, Art Segal must find some way to be critical of me?

Having said that....

Art I can not help it if you are so inept at reading that you cannot understand what was posted. Maybe Mr. Furash should spend some of his tutor time with you in reading comprehension.

Having a well established, functioning business often means that the owner can devote time to other aspects of his/her life. On the other hand someone who is new, even in his daddy's business, normally needs to devote as much time as possible in order to get established.

Get it??


There you go again!!! Pointing out another inconsistency in what Artski says. You are soon going to rise to the 'hated' level if you keep that up.

The Zee Man said...

It's not possible to step away from a professional services business when your name is on the door!

Satish Hiremath won't be able to do it if he wants to retain his business.

He is, after all, THE DENTIST.

OV Objective Thinker said...

Zeeman....Nice try. But he is not "THE DENTIST". He has other dentists working in the office currently.

The Zee Man said...

A few years back, a friend went to Satish Hiremath for some dental work.

The work was fine.

The problem was: They tried to bill her for work they claimed was additional after she had paid the bill. The office manager kept badgering here. Finally, Satish stepped in to cancel the debt. A good move, no doubt.

However, the situation required Satish make the decision that his office people would not. And there are many such decisions that only the owner-dentistry professional can make.

One can not simply turn over a Dentistry practice to a third party and hope that it all works out; because it will not work out. He will most certainly lose patients if he does not remain in the practice.

OV Objective Thinker said...

Zeeman.....Apply for the job and I am sure you can solve that issue.

Nombe Watanabe said...

I think this thread has reached a new low. I know that ANYTHING can go wrong when we visit the Tooth Doc.
To claim that the Dentist will be a poor mayor because of a oral mishap is nutsl Now, my vote is for the Z man, and I like Rabb, because he is young. But give the Tooth Doc. a break. Come on!

By the way, did you see the comic note in the AZ star?
Claimed Loomis did not feel too bad about the election because now he would have more time to spend with his mustaschio. Quite droll.


OV Objective Thinker said...

NW......Great post.

Just when you think Art and some of the kool-aid apostles have bottomed out, they don't disappoint and find a new gutter.

By the way, now that I 'have you on the line', one of my friends suggested that we rename the blog, "Art Segal Says...".

That's kind of catchy!!!

Desert Voice said...


The American Dental Association's Code of Professional Conduct, Section 2F, entitled Patient Abandonment, reads,"Once a dentist has undertaken a course of treatment, the dentist should not discontinue that treatment without giving the pateint adequate notice and the opportunity to obtain the services of another dentist..."

Section 3 Principle:Beneficence further includes..."Under this principle, the dentist's primary obligation of service is to the patient and public-at-large. The most important aspect of this obligation is the competent and timely delivery of dental care within the bounds of clinical circumstances presented by the patient, with due consideration being given to the needs, desires, and values of the patient."

Your post suggests that dentistry is a business in which substitutes are interchangeable. The guardian of professional ethics, the ADA, leans heavily on a personal relationship with the professional provider. The ADA sees itself as a nonprofit organization assisting dentists in providing the highest ethical care.

Hiremath, on 2/18/10, stated that he feels his strength is building relationships. If he shifts time away from patients to perform Mayoral duties, he may jeopardize his relationships with them. This relationship is not interchangeable.

Nombe Watanabe said...


You may have confused my comment with other postings supra. I was only concerned with dental mishaps, not the amount of time the Doctor could spend with various customers.


The Zee Man said...

Thanks for the feedback, Desert Voice. I was not aware of the statutory requirements.

I just don't see how someone in a personal business, like Dentistry, the person who owns the business and whose name is on the door, can simply walk away from it to serve as Mayor.

Even if he has other Dentists in the office, Satish, as the business owner and "Master Dentist' must spend sufficient time monitoring the quality of the work. I'm guessing that his liability insurance would require this; as well as the standard of "due care" that Desert Voice notes.

The "solution" would be for him to sell the business.

Add to this, the wonderful responsibility of fathering a family of youngun's.

My guess is that Satish has no idea of the challenges of the Mayoral position, especially in times like these. It will he a more than full time job.

(And, no Thinker, as good a business person as I am, I would never want to step into the job of managing his business. Are you interested?)

OV Objective Thinker said...

To All:

Has anyone besides me ever noticed that on many of Art's postings he uses the term "we". I have asked for an explanation of the term from our glorious blog master but like most questions you pose to him, I have yet to receive a reasoned answer.

After the mini-breakdown the other evening, the Zeeman removed the 'evidence' and removed a complete thread. Can't say as I blame him and his motives are at the minimum, suspect. But it's his choice.

However maybe his (Zeeman's)actions answer the question of who the "we" is?

So now we move on to Eleanor's comments about WHO DOES THE BLOG SUPPORT FOR TOWN COUNCIL?

It would appear that "we" no longer agree. In Zeeman's very poorly edited video about endorsements he didn't even mention Dr. Don Emmons. Art still boasts that 'the BLOG' supports Emmons and now all of a sudden and out of the blue it's Matt Rabb.

While I cannot find any comment by Art that he "vetted" all of the candidates he did make the following statement:

"The only two candidates we support are:

Mike Zinkin for Mayor

Dr. Don Emmons for Council"

Now to a reasonable thinking person that would indicate that we have done some research and here are our choices.

Something smells a bit fishy. All of this begs the question of why the obvious split between the 'we's'.

Or is it just my imangination?
Maybe is just another of my comments that, as Art puts it, "make no sense".

artmarth said...

Cox--You know you are not telling the truth.
I told you on previous ocassions that I use the first person singular "I" and the third person plural "We" interchangeable.

You and your new friend Eleanor ought to find a life away from this blog, as you add absolutely nothing.

As for Dr. Don Emmons, he has OUR SUPPORT.

OV Objective Thinker said...

Art.....I understand what you said. But in my post I used the term "reasoned answer". Are there two of you. Is there a 'good' Art and a 'bad' Art? I think there is a name for that.

I am very glad to see that you still support Dr. Emmons. But you didn't answer the question about ignoring him in the video blogcast by Zeeman. Are we to assume that Zeeman does NOT support Dr. Emmons?

I am also curious as to why you spend so much of your time responding to and attempting to discredit "nothing". Maybe you can get the answer from your buddy "We".

Have a great day!!

Eleanor said...

Interesting that The Zee Man won't say he supports Dr. Don Emmons.

Afterall, you guys did research your candidates before deciding to endorse them.