Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Look Who The Chamber Of Commerce Endorses In Oro Valley Election

No surprise to us who the NPCCC endorses for Mayor----Satish Hiremath a long time dues paying member. Too bad for Mayor Loomis. For him, it was a "smack in the face."

Don't forget, it has been Loomis who led the charge to give the business community tens of thousands of our tax dollars, while at the same time, couldn't wait to impose more taxes on the people.

We believe the one candidate we support, Mike Zinkin, benefits the most from this endorsement. Mike is beholden to no special interest group----other than the people of Oro Valley.

That is one reason we enthusiastically support Mike.

No surprise on the Chamber's endorsement for council. If you believe as we do, a special interest endorsement means only one thing: the special interest believes the candidate will support its cause.

The three endorsements went to Mary Snider, Joe Hornat & Lou Waters.

Left out were KC Carter (nobody should vote for him and his vindictiveness,) Matt Rabb, Mark Finchem and our candidate of choice, Dr. Don Emmons.

If you believe as we do,you'll vote for Dr, Don Emmons and consider Matt & Mark for the other two seats.

Here's The Explorer article

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