Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Explorer Interviews Oro Valley's Three Mayoral Candidates

Hopefully, The Explorer interviews with the 3 mayoral candidates will point out some of the differences between the three---Satish Hiremath, Paul Loomis & Mike Zinkin.

For example, they all agree sales tax is a vital portion of our revenues. Where they differ is that Mike Zinkin is the ONLY candidate that doesn't believe we should continue giving hundreds of thousands of our dollars to the likes of TREO & MTCVB, but keep the money in Oro Valley for us to decide how it is best spent.

Talking about sales tax, let's not forget, about $50,000,000 was committed to the likes of Vestar and its Walmart anchor store, thanks to Mayor Loomis. (The argument that some revenue is better than none doesn't hold water. Shop where there is no "kickback," we keep all our sales tax. Shop at the "subsidy malls," and the developer keeps almost half.)

Here's the Explorer article. Judge for yourself who you believe will best lead Oro Valley for the next four years.


Oro Valley Mom said...

"Hiremath ... says local government should protect residents from greater conditions"


"Local government also has an obligation to protect its residents from the economic storms of unemployment."

So we should be providing unemployment benefits? Hiring more people?

"Hiremath contends that [ending taxpayer subsidies to outside organizaitons] have put up barriers to expansion..."

"'Right now, the permitting process is very difficult,' Hiremath said."

I don't see the connection between giving tax dollars to outside organizations and difficulties in the permitting process.

"As longtime business owner in Oro Valley himself, Hiremath said the view that town officials want to make things hard for the business community is out there, and is real."

Well, so is the perception of Oro Valley as a speed trap. Should we stop writing tickets so that people don't think bad things about us?

"The current mayor and council have not taken the opportunity to involve people who have a vested interest in helping the community succeed," Hiremath said.

Okay, that part's true, especially for Loomis and Carter, who voted against the Economic Development Commission.

"If you know what the rules are, and the rules are acceptable, then you'll probably follow and not break the rules," Loomis said.

But if the rules are not acceptable, it's okay for 80% of businesses to break them?

"It is coming from the leadership," Loomis said.

At least he's realizes he's to blame.

"Although a political novice..."

Okay, why would the Explorer apply that descirption to Mike Zinkin, who served for four years on the Development Review Board, with two years as chair, and not to Satish Hiremath, who has never held a political appointment with the town?

Nombe Watanabe said...

I could balance the town budget in 2 weeks. Put a police officer at the stop sign on the corner at the Starbucks parking lot across from near Home Depot. No one has stopped there for years. What a goldmine.

Zev said...

Dr. Hiremath may be one of the best dentists in the area, he may be a good person but, after having read and heard some of his 'answers', he most certainly does not seem to have a handle on virtually any issue whatsoever let alone on the purposes of government in general.

As for Loomis, his statement relative to 'breaking the rules' rings hollow as MANY 'rules' have been broken under his watch.

Neither of the above candidates can offer visionary leadership for the Town of Oro Valley; Dr. Hiremath because his overall perception is askew, Mayor Loomis because he is too entrenched in his past. Mike Zinkin is inclusionary as well as a thinker and, in my opinion, offers the best hope for platting a realistic course that might be able to assist in escaping the stagnation that we are experiencing. There may be no magic bullet but at least Mike Zinkin is operating with a well oiled gun.

AZCactus1 said...


If I'm picturing the stop sign you're referring to correctly, it's on private property, and thus outside of OVPD's jurisdiction. Those stop signs in parking lots aren't the concern of the police. If accidents occur in those parking lots, there's not much for OVPD to do's all on private property, property of the strip mall owner.

Nombe Watanabe said...

Darn, I thought I had the answer. It's hacksaw time.

Zev said... Nombe can really step on it when he reaches the stop sign and sails on through. Warning, however, watch out for a 'human sign' with a hidden Brownie camera.

freedom fighters said...

"Hiremath may be one of the best dentists in the area" --- uh uh.

I just returned from two consults with tooth replacement specialists; from my forensic dental history, I have determined I lost two teeth while under the care of that good dentist. The space that shows will cost me about five grand to cosmetically rectify. Add that story to the GOVC debacle, and decide if OV will be in good hands.

artmarth said...

We're not in a position to question his dental work, (you obviously are)---but we certainly do question his qualifications for mayor.

Being a nice man who has the support of the home builders (SAHBA) & the Chamber of Commerce (NPCCC) because he pays his dues, really doesn't "hold a candle" to Mike Zinkin's resume.

As for Loomis---hasn't he done enough damage already! (Rhetorical question)