Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Additional Candidates For Oro Valley Town Council

To date, there are three candidates for Oro Valley Mayor. They are Paul Loomis, the incumbent, Dr. Satish Hiremath & Mike Zinkin.

We know all three. Without doubt, we support Mike Zinkin for Mayor. Although Dr. Hiremath is a good man, concerned for the community, we believe he is lacking the experience that Mike has. Those of us that are familiar with the record of the mayor do not want four more years of what he offers.(Read more about Mike Zinkin on uppur left corner of blog)

Two Council candidates are noted in this week's Explorer. They are Mark Finchem & Joe Hornat. We don't know Mr. Finchem. Previously, announced were Mary Snider. Additionally, incumbent KC Carter, Lou Waters, and Dr.Don Emmons plan on running for the three open Council seats.

At this point the ONLY candidate worthy of our support is Dr. Don Emmons DVM. We have gotten to know Dr. Don in the last few months. We know what he stands for, and we know he believes what we believe: The people of Oro Valley are its most important asset.Don is a fiscal conservative and will ONLY tax us as a last resort. Don doesn't believe any new tax is required. He believes our "out of control" spending MUST be curtailed. We need Dr. Don Emmons on the Town Council. (Read more about Dr. Don on upper left column of blog)

Here's The Explorer articles on the two candidates.

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