Friday, April 3, 2020

Bits and Pieces

Own a small business? 
Apply for the "Payroll Protection Program" today
Keep paying  your employees!!!!
There is no reason that a small business can not pay its employees even if it is shutdown.  All small businesses should talk to their bank today to get an SBA payroll protection program loan. The loan can be up to $10 million. It is forgiven as long as it is used for payroll.

If you work for a small business (under 500 employees) tell your boss about the program. The neat part is that they can put recently furloughed employees back on the payroll and pay for it.

This program is ideal for Oro Valley's local restaurants, most of whom are struggling.

This program is a giant win for everyone. Employees get paid. It costs the business nothing. And the business will be able to get rolling quickly once we get the all clear.

Learn more here.

Miller endorses Reidhead for US House District
Pima County Supervisor, Ally Miller, the representative for Oro Valley, has endorsed Nolan Reidhead as republican candidate for US Congress in Oro Valley's district (District 1).

According to Miller: "Nolan believes in limited government and holds the same fiscally conservative values that I do."

New resident in Riverfront Park
Sure there's things to worry about. But lets not forget that it is spring. It's a time for life. It's a time to celebrate the great life we have in Oro Valley.  This little one obviously thinks that Oro Valley is a great place. We took this picture just south of the paved path at Riverfront Park.

State failed to provide mandated online nomination petition signing portal for local candidates
State statute 16-317 mandates that local candidates can solicit petition signatures online using the State's E-Qual online portal system. Oro Valley Town Council candidates could have used the system if the State had complied with the law.

According to State Representative Mark Finchem: "The E-Qual online portal system, which is managed by the Arizona Secretary of State, has been up and running since before the 2018 election, accepting candidate nomination petition signatures for federal, statewide, and legislative offices. Under state law, candidates for city, town, or county office, and precinct committeeman are also entitled to online signature collection but, thus far, they have been denied access to the state’s E-Qual portal. The Secretary of State’s office has not yet fully complied with the law, even though funds were allocated in prior years budgets to update the system."

Visit this link to see how the system works. Find your favorite candidate and sign the petition. Note, as we mentioned, that local candidates are not included on the list. Then, imagine how useful this system could have been to encourage even more candidates to run for town council had the state followed the law and allowed such.

Is this LOVE or what?
We came across this in an article analyzing the state of journalism today. It is an article well worth reading regardless of your national political leanings. In referring to We thought, goodness, this is us.
"...local journalists don’t try to pretend they’re heroes. They exist to inform their community and hold local government – the government that will most impact their lives – accountable."