Friday, January 10, 2020

Bits and Pieces

Check out the "Jim Horne" Oro Valley Podcast
Oro Valley resident Jim Horne as produced three podcasts to date. The first is about water. The second two are about Oro Valley history. Each podcast is an interview with a subject matter expert. The podcasts are informative, educational, and fun. You can listed to them on the Apple podcast or Spotify apps. Well worth your time.

El Conquistador Tennis had a great year
Jennifer Fuchs, owner-operator of El Conquistador Tennis, told us that things are going well. She leases the tennis facilities from the town. In a December message to members she wrote: "We thank you for another great year! Without all of your support, in so many areas, we would not be able to work with the greatest Tennis membership, residents and guests in such a beautiful environment." We wish her continued success in 2020.

Plan Your Parks Today
The Town Of Oro Valley is building a master plan for parks and recreation facilities. This as directed by town council.  "The purpose of the Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment and Master Plan is to offer strategies and operational policies that provide guidance in order to meet the needs of current and future Oro Valley residents."

Visit PlanYouParksOV today to learn more about this and to participate.

It's your town.

Get in the game! (get the pun?)

Two Oracle Place (Formerly Platinum Fitness) to get a new look
The building that formerly housed Platinum Fitness is going to get an upgraded, more upscale look. According to the town: "The applicant has purchased the property and intends to redevelop the site as a mix of office, retail and restaurant space" (source). The pictures of the new facility show an astounding change. Here's one "before and after" rendering: