Monday, December 2, 2019

Council Member Jones-Ivey Focusses on Recreation For All

Leading the way in supporting youth activities
In January, council member Joyce Jones-Ivey will be the council liaison to the town’s Parks and Recreation Commission. Jones-Ivey is recovering from knee surgery. As usual, however, we found her in her office in town hall, busy doing the work of the people. 

As liaison to this commission, Jones-Ivey will have the opportunity to view the creation of a master Parks and Recreation Plan, a plan that town council has directed be prepared. She is ideally suited for the job.

Passion to get recreational facilities for all
Jones-Ivey is passionate about providing the right recreational facilities for all Oro Valley residents. “Part of my fiscal responsibility is to make sure that we have funds going to recreational activities that more of our citizens use. I don’t want the people who live around the golf course to be hurt but we also have to look at the rest of our citizens to provide for their needs.”

Jones-Ivey has a feel for what the parents want... reaches out to learn more
Regarding the youth needs for example: “Those voices are still out there. I see a lot of those parents. I go
to activities where they are at. If it’s going to be activities at Kreigh Park, ‘I’m there’. ... I’m there because I want to hear from them. I want to know what they want.”

Jones-Ivey understands why most of the community is silent regarding their needs. “They are not the ones who are in the council meetings. Not the ones I’m getting emails from. I’ve asked them, several times, reach out to me. But they don’t. I can empathize with them.”

Jones-Ivey pointed out that it wasn’t that long ago when she was in their shoes.

 “They’re busy. They have families. They’re working jobs. By the time you’ve gone through that day... activities... kids with homework, you never feel you can do a ‘flashvote‘ [the town’s information online polling tool]. I can remember those days in my life. You don’t have the time.. So, I’ll just keep reaching out to them and getting them to reach out to me. Simple email will do!”

Working to get town use of Amphi School District recreational facilities
Before taking on her new assignment, Jones-Ivey continues her role as liaison to the Amphi School Disctrict. Her primary goal is on getting town access for use of Amphi school fields.

“I would like to get an intergovernmental agreement for youth sports activities. I want our youth sports activities to be able to use their fields. That’s one of my biggest goals. To date, I know that we have girls gym class going right now.”

Your help is needed
One challenge in moving this forward is getting superintendent Todd Yaegar’s attention.

 “We spoke to him about IGA’s (Intergovernmental Agreement) and he brushed it off.” She would like our help. She asks that we all turn up the heat on that. Email the Amphi Superintendant ( Jaeger. Tell him: We want our youth activities to use your fields after hours. A groundswell of support will most certainly help in Joyce Jones-Ivey’s quest.
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