Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Internal Police Chief Selection Is Not Top Of Mind Awareness for 90%

“Internal candidate only” has low support
90% of those responding to an October town sponsored survey did not express "top of mind awareness" that current employment in the Oro Valley Police Department should be a top three requirement for selecting a new chief. It was not one of the top three traits for the position identified by most.

This is a significant survey finding
The fact that an “insider” is not automatically going to be given the position is the main reason for current petitioning to recall Mayor Winfield and Vice Mayor Barrett.

The town conducted this survey from October 17-30, 2019. 671 responses were submitted. 95% of those responding were Oro Valley residents. Each response included up to three traits. Respondents previously had signed up to participate in town sponsored “Flash Vote.”
Town of Oro Valley Community Survey

Integrity, Experience, and Honesty Matter Most
These are the top three traits the new Oro Valley Police Chief should have according to survey results. These are followed by leadership ability and some knowledge of the town. All of these criteria rank higher in the minds of respondents than the criteria of being an individual who currently works for the department.

Survey results matter
It is likely that the Novak Consulting Group, the firm that is conducting the nationwide search for a new Oro Valley Police Chief, is using survey results as criteria in their nationwide search.  Otherwise, why would they have issued survey results in a memo to the town. Thus, the results of the survey though not statistically representative of the opinion of all residents of Oro Valley matter.

How to participate in these town surveys
If you missed this survey, you're not the only one.

You must sign up to participate in Flash Vote surveys. Use this link to do so. You will get an email from the town when voting takes place.

Even though these surveys are not statistically valid as a sample of community opinion, the town apparently uses the results in some fashion. So you might as well express your opinion. It is better to be heard than not be heard!

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