Thursday, October 31, 2019

Oro Valley ,Tucson Lead Pack In Highest Sales Tax Rate

Oro Valley and Tucson are virtually tied in terms of the highest sales tax rate
Oro Valley is only 1 tenth of one percent short of the City of Tucson in terms of sales tax rate. Oro Valley's total combined sales tax rate is 8.6%. It is a half cent greater than the comparable Southern Arizona towns of Marana and Sahuarita. Oro Valley's tax rate is far more than the 6.1% total sales tax rate paid when one purchases product in unincorporated Pima County areas that are just to Oro Valley's west.

High sales tax rates have a huge impact on consumer purchases
A high tax sales tax rate is disincentive for the purchase of big ticket items in Oro Valley. Ashley Furniture, which is moving into the Oro Valley Marketplace, will have to charge 8.6% on all sales; while competitors, such as LazyBoy, located to Oro Valley's west, charge only 6.1%.

Impact seen on big ticket purchase
Purchase a couch for $3.000. The buyer pays a $258 sales tax if the purchase in at Ashley. Purchase it it to the west, a few minutes drive, and same buyer pays $157. That's a savings of $100. The savings alone makes it well worth the trip.

We imagine we won't see any car dealerships locating in Oro Valley any time soon.

The following table presents the sales tax numbers: