Thursday, March 7, 2019

Town Council "Continues" Town Centre PAD Amendment Hearing

Last night, the Oro Valley Town Council continued the Town Centre PAD amendment we wrote about yesterday. The vote was 4-3. The Hiremath-3 (Pena, Rodman, and Solomon) voted against continuing the item because they felt that the amendment should be approved as is.

Council member Pena believed that the amendment was consistent with the general plan. Council Member Rodman felt that process of getting the project to the hearing stage had resulted in great compromise on the part of residents, town staff and the developer. Solomon felt that the council to follow the unanimous decision of the Planning and Zoning Commission that approved this plan.

To that, Mayor Winfield observed. "I am not a rubber stamp Mayor."

Mayor Winfield, Vice Mayor Barrett and council members Nicolson and Joyce-Ivey voted in favor of continuation. Each raised concerns regarding the property. The issues included:
  • How does this project fit in with the plans of the other PAD's in Town Centre?
  • Is 5 feet between homes appropriate? 
  • Some hillsides will be graded by 20 feet.
  • Noise will be a problem for the houses built close to Oracle
  • Traffic will increase at the intersection
  • Water use could impact the residents of neighboring developments
  • Erosion may be a problem
"It is a good project," noted Mayor Winfield. "It can be a better project."

The developer, after hearing these and other concerns, told council that he preferred a continuation versus an "up or down" vote.

The proposed PAD amendment will be heard at the April 3 council meeting.

If changes proposed to mitigate the issues raised are significant, then the project will return to the public hearing phase. It will then be reheard by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Whether the changes are significant will be determined by town planner, Bayer Vella.