Friday, March 29, 2019

Bits and Pieces

Harvest Restaurant to open in Oro Valley Marketplace
"Fortunately, our Oro Valley location (LaCanada and Lambert Lane) is thriving and will be around for years to come. .. We are pleased and passionately excited to announce that we have secured a space in the Oro Valley Marketplace and are planning to open an upscale wood fired pizza concept in the coming months. We plan to utilize the best of everything for this concept - people, ingredients, equipment & our passionate commitment to taste and quality, to ensure we serve you pizza unlike any place in town. We'll keep in touch, and will announce our opening date, when we have a better idea when that would be. "(Source: Harvest Restaurant email

Register for "Flash Vote"
The town has implemented "flash voting" as a technique to get more people involved in the community and as a means for learning the thoughts of the "silent majority." You can sign up here.

Once you so so, you will receive an email with a link that directs you to a "flash vote" on a particular question. The vote, of course, is not statistically valid because it is not random. For example, 20% of respondents in a recent poll said they had attended a council or commission meeting in the past year. The real number is probably less that 2% or Oro Valley's 45,000 residents. Nonetheless, we think that it is important to voice your thoughts. So, do register and do "flash vote."

It is springtime in Oro Valley
It is a beautiful time of year.  We especially appreciate it after a rather long, rather cold and a definitely wet winter.

So get out there. Enjoy the beauty that is Oro Valley just like our beautify butterfly friend enjoying the fresh pollen from our lilac tree.