Monday, January 7, 2019

Our Hope For Oro Valley As We Begin 2019

Why the heartburn about the Moore/La Canada intersection?
According to an independent study commissioned by the town, this intersection does not warrant a traffic signal until 2026. So, what's the rush to put in a traffic light or a rotary? Three things have changed since the study was done: Tangerine is open and the two new schools are in place. Update the warrant analysis. Find out if and when a traffic control is warranted. Make the decision based on fresh facts. Why not spend the $1 million at Steam Pump Ranch or on Parks instead of getting the Town all inflamed over a subject that is not warranted?
Why the heartburn over the proposed state lands annexation?
Every public meeting indicates that the citizens want no part of this annexation. The Town’s Planning and Zoning Administrator has told us publicly that, in the long run, this annexation will cost Oro Valley. There are concerns about how the proposed land is going to be zoned. There is concern about the loss of the desert and wildlife, the water usage, and the lack of compliance to the General Plan.

Why the heartburn over the town run Overlook restaurant?
This is a business that is in direct competition with private enterprises. This is a business that has continued to lose money. The Town Manager insists on keeping it open to feed the golfers. Do we really need a full service restaurant to feed golfers when a beverage cart will suffice?

Why the heartburn over 45 holes of golf?
The contracted golf study told us that 27 holes was the best plan, the Town Manager insists on 36 holes. Common sense and empirical losses indicate otherwise. This drain, created by our ex-Mayor, and ex-Council people Hornat, Snider, and Waters, with the assistance of current Council members Solomon, Pina, and Rodman must end SOON. Hopefully this answer will come about before the end of 2019.

Why the heartburn over the direction the voters want Oro Valley to take?
Just a few months ago, voters ousted Hiremath, Snider, Waters, and Hornat. They ousted them because residents were tired of the developer driven decisions; because they were tired of the lack of  decision making transparency; because they wanted their views both heard and reflected in council decisions; and because they wanted conformance to the General Plan. The mandate was clear. Now it's time to move forward and get the job done.