Friday, September 14, 2018

Pulse Of Oro Valley (Social Media Roundup)

We monitor comments on social media that are relevant to Oro Valley. We then select the ones we feel are most interesting and timely and post them for your reading. Note that we do not divulge the name of the author for privacy reasons.

This week, the transition of leadership is a common theme of some comments.
Hope for a smooth transition
"I think all Oro Valley residents would welcome a smooth transition as the town leadership changes in Oro Valley. I’m hopeful that Mayor Hiremath will arrange multiple meetings with incoming Mayor Joe Winfield and the new council members to plan the transition and address issues. As the mayor, I assume Hiremath can also direct the town’s paid staff primarily it’s manager, police chief, zoning board, etc. to cooperate with the new team. They need to provide all requested information and town records to the newly elected leadership. This will enable the newly elected leaders to do their homework and become better informed and prepared to lead our town. "

Forging a working relationship
"Obviously, the newly elected folks will want to discuss some issues with the outgoing council members for their thoughts and perspectives on various issues. More importantly, the new team needs forge a working relationship with the 3 council members who remain. Everyone understands that current leadership is in charge until the new elected folks are sworn in and take their offices. But as elected officials and professionals it would be so very helpful to the town and its citizens if they worked together.

To me working together also means not making any decisions with long term impact to the town, particularly on major zoning issues or the fate of the golf course and the community center. The people have voted and clearly expressed their desire for something other than the existing business as usual in Oro Valley."

Triaging Priorities
"I and most citizens know the town has a over 300 employees and a substantial operating budget and is generally well run. The new council needs to triage its priorities and focus attention on the real issues and concerns that got them elected. I’m not hearing about any hot issues with our excellent first responders, the water, town staff, etc. So I doubt the new team will be looking at office supply contracts or which town rooms need to be painted or refurbished. So the future of the golf courses and community center, the zoning and land use issues and economic development need to take center stage."