Monday, April 9, 2018

The Duplicitous Ones: Mary Snider and Lou Waters

Following is an email that Oro Valley resident Diane Peters sent to Councilmembers Snider and Waters regarding their April 4th vote to approve more small lot cluster homes and mass grading for a residential development known as Saguaros Viejos on the west side of LaCholla between Glover and Naranja.

From: Diane Peters 
Date: Friday, April 6, 2018 at 12:27 PM

Subject: Your Saguaro Viejos Vote

Regarding your vote to rezone Saguaro Viejos from R1-20 to R1-7,
Here’s what you said at the 2014 Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum:


"UofA study following freshmen from 2007. What they’ve learned is:

Buying a home, getting married, and having kids, those were markers of adulthood in MY day. You went to college, you got a job, got married, had kids, bought a home, that was the thing. But not today. 28% of the participants (now between the ages of 23 and 26) said that marriage is not an important life goal. 27% say children is not important. 19% say home ownership is not important. Things are changing."

"Young people are not looking for the American Dream of home ownership. They’re looking for apartments because they can’t get the…the…the money they need from the banks. Plus, they move...they move on. These high-end jobs that we’re going after for Innovation Park, which is our target, the economic heart of Oro Valley, is going to require these workers living in these apartments with amenities for their families."

You used results from one study to justify your votes to approve more than 700 apartments on Oracle Road.

Now you vote to approve R1-7 zoning for 178 single-family cluster homes at Saguaro Viejos and you will do the same for 500 homes at Capella in a few weeks. Wait. I thought we needed apartments. Oh well, I guess you were just impressed by the latest "study of the day." It sure doesn't take much for a developer/campaign contributor to convince you of anything.

If they wanted to put an amusement park on LaCholla complete with a Ferris wheel, you would find a way to claim that it was a good idea. "This will generate millions in sales tax revenue!!!" When what you're really thinking is, "This will generate thousands in campaign contributions!!!"

Diane Peters

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