Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Guest View: LOVE Contributor ~ Town has fiduciary responsibility to ALL taxpayers, not just a select few

During the December 12th “invitation only” meeting for residents living along the golf courses, the question that was posed to the attendees was, “Which of the consultant’s recommendations do you feel would be most beneficial to the Oro Valley community and why?” The question posed was not, “What do you think is in your best interest?”

Despite this, the feedback given centered around “what’s best for me.”

Since the Town has now held a total of three “invitation only” meetings specifically for golf members and golf course area residents, it appears that the Town has decided that feedback from these two groups is more important than what the majority of Oro Valley residents believe should be done.

But is this a realistic approach to solving the problem?

What good is a meeting with the fox to ask if he likes guarding the hen house?
What answer did the Town expect to get from the Golf Members who currently enjoy the benefit of having the public pay to subsidize their private country club? Did they think these golf members were going to give up their exclusive 36-hole golf course and priority tee times?


What answer did the Town expect to get from Golf Course Area Residents who currently enjoy the benefit of protected property values via the taxpayers subsidizing and maintaining their golf course views?

Double duh!

Here’s an idea
Why doesn't the Town have a meeting with only the non-golfing taxpayers and ask them if they prefer to pay more in taxes or if they prefer to stop wasting money on a mostly unused and money-losing golf course?

Why doesn’t the Town take a poll of the fitness members and ask if the Town should spend $2 million to support a country club for 250 golfers or put that money into upgrading and beautifying the Community Center?

Can anyone guess what the answers would be?

This whole program is like asking kids attending a birthday party if they would prefer chocolate cake or rutabaga ice cream.

The interests of the many
In a democracy, the interests of the many must be elevated above the interests of the few…and undeniably so in this particular case where every taxpayer in Oro Valley is supporting this venture. Accordingly, the town has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the interests of ALL of the taxpayers in Oro Valley, not just a select few.

We’re all levied the same tax rate. We should all have an equal voice. It’s time for the Town to ask the 40,000+ taxpayers what THEY think should be done.