Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Guest View: Diane Peters ~ My observations on the December 12th Community Meeting regarding the Town-owned Golf Courses. Part 2.

(Part 1 was published yesterday). Part 2 presents the Golf Consultant’s recommendations for the Pusch Ridge course along with feedback from the audience. Comments from residents living in the Pusch Ridge area dominated most of the meeting.

Three Options presented for Pusch Ridge:
12 holes…..$3,013,120 investment…..14.9 acres alternate use…..70% savings

(1) Close the facility and repurpose the land into non-golf uses.
(2) Renovate the facility bringing all golf features and areas back to an acceptable condition.
(3) Transform the facility into a 12-hole, 3-par course to be called “The Dirty Dozen.”

Audience Feedback

I do not like the Dirty Dozen idea at Pusch Ridge.

A 12-hole golf course (at Pusch Ridge) is stupid. Absolutely asinine idea.

It is short-sighted to convert Pusch Ridge into something other than what it was built for.

Encourage play at Pusch Ridge. This is not currently being done by the hotel or the Town.

I bought my home there because of the golf course at Pusch Ridge. Since the Town took it over, it’s in shambles. It’s a total disgrace. Is the objective to create disinterest so you can shut it down?

I’m a 29-year resident of the Pusch Ridge golf course area. It would be a tragedy to close it down.

Keep Pusch Ridge open and extend the hours. The current 9:00 to 1:40 is not long enough.

Spend money on Pusch Ridge that you were going to spend on Naranja Park. I want to thank everyone for voting down the bond. (Lots of applause from the audience.)

The following audience feedback was forwarded to me by a resident who remained after I had left the meeting.

Pusch Ridge area residents wanted the Town to spend additional money on promotions, including bus tours and plane packages from around the U.S. to Pusch Ridge.

Pusch Ridge recommendations will not be decided until next summer
Ms. Jacobs stated that although they would listen to input on the Pusch Ridge course this evening, it would not be included in her recommendations to Council in January because that portion of the project was too complex and needed more time. She said it would be later next summer before she made any recommendations to the Council on the Pusch Ridge course and that there would be no investments in that course in the meantime other than for basic maintenance.