Wednesday, July 5, 2017

PAC Formed to Oppose Naranja Park Bond

A PAC has been formed to oppose Proposition 454 -- The Naranja Park Bond. Stay tuned to LOVE for future updates including the launch of the PAC's website. An email address will also be provided where citizens can submit questions and comments.

For those of you who are not already familiar with the details of the $17 million dollar Naranja Bond, we previously reported the following on LOVE:

"The bond will cost nearly double due to the interest, bringing the total cost to $28 million dollars, thus the need for a secondary property tax.  Council members are claiming that this is not a property tax.  That's because they all ran on the promise of never agreeing to a property tax.  However, a 20-year secondary property tax on top of our already high Pima County primary property tax is definitely a property tax and it will create an unnecessary burden on many of us."

You can learn more about the bond by clicking HERE to read, "The $28 Million Dollar Question."