Thursday, March 2, 2017

Guest View- Diane Peters: Update on Corporate Golf Memberships

Upon learning that Mike Zinkin was unable to obtain information from the Town regarding the costs and benefits of a Corporate Golf Membership, I decided to submit my own inquiry to the Town, hoping that a second request from a constituent might garner some results. I also contacted Troon directly.

Below is the compilation of information that I received from both the Town and Troon.
The cost for an Annual Corporate Membership is based on the number of associates enrolled.
2 associates:    $5,000
3 associates:    $7,500
4 associates:  $10,000
Additional associates are $2,500 each plus applicable cart fees. A corporate designee may add his/her family for an additional annual fee based on the membership category selected. A corporate charge account will be established for corporate charges in the Overlook Restaurant, along with the Golf and Tennis shops.

I found it puzzling that the fee is based on the “number of associates enrolled,” when, according to the above numbers, it appears that the annual fee is $2,500 no matter how many people are enrolled.

The benefits of a corporate membership vary depending on the needs of the member. Troon does not provide different levels of corporate memberships.

To be eligible for a Corporate Golf Membership, you must provide proof of business, proof of employment for the designated person(s) in the membership, and all members must be at least 21 years of age.

Anyone interested in applying for a Corporate Golf Membership may contact Membership Sales Manager, Nicole Niemann at 520-229-5357 or e-mail at