Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Solomon Uses Scare Tactics

The other day, council candidate Steve Solomon dropped a "scare flyer" on the doorsteps of some. This one alleges that Burns, Garner and Zinkin have "pledged to close and sell your golf course-destroying your home value." Oh my. Tragedy to follow! What will these poor residents do?

We wouldn't be surprised to see more flyers, saying that incumbent candidates plan to "gut the police force;""take your gun rights;" kidnap and  your children and grandchildren.

Heck. Solomon will make anything up. And those who live only on "sound bites" will believe it.

The fact is: The supporters of the challengers would like you to vote from fear.

Solomon will feed you any "horse petuti" that he thinks that you will swallow!

Here's what one Oro Valley resident thinks about Solomon's behavior.

Four years ago, Steve Solomon ran for Council in an attempt to retain the seat that he was appointed to by the Majority-4 in 2010. Since being beaten in the 2012 primary, no one has seen hide nor hair of Mr. Solomon. He has not been present at any Council meeting, board or commission meeting, and has not volunteered for any Town project. Now, after all this time, he reappears.

Solomon is a "big developer", "big projects" guy.

On April 20, 2011, Solomon voted to rezone the property where the HSL apartments now stand in Steam Pump Village. On Dec. 7, 2011, Solomon voted to approve a Major General Plan Amendment to allow for the apartments at Linda Vista/Oracle. On April 18, 2012, Solomon voted to rezone the property to allow for the apartments at First/Oracle. On May 2, 2012, Solomon voted to approve both the conceptual site plan and architecture plan to allow for the Encantada Apartments at Steam Pump Village to be 3 stories high.

Now Mr. Solomon is trying to tell you that he will save the Police and SRO's. In fact, the current council increased the number of SRO's by a 7-0 vote, and when have the police been threatened? He’s taking credit for forming Dial-A-Ride when it was a concerted effort by citizens and multiple council members after Solomon voted to eliminate funding for Coyote Run, the town’s former transportation service for the elderly and disabled.

Now he is telling the people who live adjacent to the golf courses that, if you do not elect him, your property values are going to diminish.  (See right panel)  Next he will tell you he laid the cornerstone to the library and Town Hall.

Solomon is telling you that the incumbents have pledged to close and sell the golf course. This is absurd. The incumbents are the only candidates who have offered any alternatives to the continued losses incurred by golf. Evert incumbent has also stated publicly that they want to include the People in finding alternatives to stop the continued losses from the golf operation.

Solomon is n got going to save your property values. He has not offered one solution to stop the recurring losses from the golf course operation. His “plan” is to do nothing and thereby continue to lose more than $1,000,000 annually for at least the next 5 years. His “plan” could result in the need for a property tax because Oro Valley cannot afford five more years of these substantial losses.

Solomon was bad for Oro Valley during his 2-year tenure as an appointed Councilman. He has done nothing to help our town since his defeat in 2012. It would be a serious mistake to return Mr. Solomon to Town Council.