Monday, August 1, 2016

Guest View-Mike Zinkin: Disagreement Is Not Incivility

When Did It Become Uncivil To Disagree
 I have read with interest the opposition candidates constant claims that they will bring respect and civility to the Council. The implication being that Bill, Brendan and I are disrespectful and uncivil.

Just because one disagrees with another does not mean they are uncivil.

Yes, I disagree with the purchase of the golf course, the approval of a 5-story building, and the increase of the sales tax…and thousands of Oro Valley citizens agree with me. Yes, I pull the financials from the consent agenda in order to affirm from the Town Directors our exact losses pertaining to the golf and restaurant investment. How does this make me disrespectful or uncivil?

I have put up with a barrage of disrespectful and uncivil actions from the Majority-4. Examples of true incivility and disrespectful behavior would include writing an Op-ed (the Mayor) advocating for a fellow council member's recall and timing it to be published on Christmas day, writing the State Bar Association (Mayor and Vice-Mayor Waters) asking that a fellow Council member be disbarred, writing the County Attorney (Mayor) asking for an investigation in order to disqualify a fellow Council member, and standing outside a supermarket (Councilmember Hornat) attempting to gather signatures for a recall of a fellow Councilmember.

I will continue to disagree with those who do not stand up for your General Plan. I will continue to disagree with those who spend your money foolishly. I will continue to disagree with raising taxes and reducing lot sizes for new home construction. Don't let the opposing candidates fool you into believing that these things equate to being disrespectful or uncivil.

The choice will be yours in August. You can have a Council that will ignore your needs and agree only with each other, or you can elect those who will listen to and stand up for you. I hope that I can continue to count on your support and your vote.

Mike Zinkin
Oro Valley Town Council Member