Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Four Good Reasons To Not Vote For Rhonda Pina

The following is from an email sent by Oro Valley resident Chris DiSimone.
While I believe that the Mayor should not get any more zombie-like supporters on the Oro Valley town council, one candidate is especially dangerous.

Her name is Rhonda Pina and she is the favored candidate of Chuck Huckelberry and the Pima Democrat Machine.

Four Good Reasons to Stay Away from Rhonda Pina

1. Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and Dan Eckstorm are the 2nd and 3rd donors to her campaign.
Link to campaign report.

2, From a Chris Limberis Tucson Weekly article in 2001 about Rhonda's husband:
"But alas, Raul Piña, the local manager of Collins-Piña and now the political point man for Tetra Tech, bagged another one. Piña has lavished campaign contributions on supervisors for years, particularly for his friend and supporter Raúl Grijalva, a Democrat in his fourth term. Piña regularly has fundraisers for Grijalva and Grijalva's campaign finance statements reveal not only Piña's largesse but that of a host of other Collins-Piña and now Tetra Tech big shots" Link to article 
 3. Rhonda is Ramon Valadez's appointee on the small business commission. You would think a small biz owner near South Tucson (in Ramon's district) should be the appointee, not a Wells Fargo Adviser from Oro Valley. Can't let go of the their buddies.
Link to Small Business Commission page

4. One more. She is using Saguaro Stategies, whose owner is Adam Kinsey. Adam is the former executive director of the Pima Democrat Party.
Link to July Article.

If you have any questions or comments, I encourage them. Just let me know.

Chris DeSimone
21 Year Oro Valley Resident

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