Monday, January 4, 2016

While We Were Away...

Kamoske Not Guilty Of All Charges
Oro Valley resident Tom Kamoske for allegedly assaulting Oro Valley Vice Mayor Waters was judged not guilty of all counts on December 18. (Reference) As we previously reported in "Much Ado About Nothing" (includes slow motion enlarged video of the incident), there as never a case against Kamoske. This was purely a political ploy on the part of Waters and the Oro Valley Police Department to discredit the challengers in the recall election.

The judge ruled immediately after hearing the "evidence." There was no assault on Waters. There was no damage. Kamoske's guilt was not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Case closed.

Read more on the bench trial in the Arizona Daily Independent. From it you will learn that Waters claimed that he did not know that his wife had organized the "gauntlet" of which he was a participant or that she had rallied people to attend.  How believable is this?

Bill Adler Remembrance Service a heartfelt event
Residents and friends gathered on December 27 to remember Oro Valley resident Bill Adler. A number of speakers talked of how Bill had helped them through years. Mayor Hiremath spoke of his deep and committed relationship with Bill. We spoke of why Bill was so active for more than 20 years in our community. In Bill's words: "I speak out because I know that other's won't." Oro Valley will sorely miss Bill's voice.

New Year's Fun Run
The town sponsored New Year's fun run hosted several hundred runners. The run originated from steam pump ranch and runners used the CDO Wash Multi-Use Trail. That trail, by the way, now has spur to Catalina State Park. That spur starts south of the Oro Valley Marketplace and runs under Oracle Road. It ends at the traffic light entrance to the state park.

LOVE Future Postings
LOVE is going to continue on hiatus. We will consider posting writings of others so let us know if there is something you wish published. Otherwise, we will publish "Oro Valley News" as the top posting in the blog.

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