Friday, December 4, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Beware Of What You Write
There have been some pretty outrageous comments posted by some over the years. The comments have been so outrageous that at one time we closed commenting and blocked some commenters from posting. Our latest move is that we allow commenting for one day only.

Now that the election is over, we expect things to cool down.

Its a good time to reflect on what we write when we comment.

It is the anonymous nature of commenting that promotes outrageous comments. Would people actually say some of the things they say simply if they had to sign their name to it?  We don't think so.

Anonymous commenting does not exempt the commenter from potential liability. There is a case pending in Illinois which illustrates just that.

Essentially, if cause can be shown, the courts can issue orders that compel LOVE, our blogging provider Disqus, and your internet provider to provide information on you. Ultimately, it will be your internet provider who will identify you because it is likely that you use their "IPAddress" when you use their system.

So, our advice is to never put yourself in a situation in which you make comments that are specific to an individual, alleging facts the you can not absolutely prove.

Want to know more? Read the Illinois case to learn more about the law and the process.

Long Realty Reports Oro Valley October Home Sales
"In the Oro Valley area, October 2015 active inventory was 282, an 18% decrease from October 2014. There were 57 closings in October 2015, a 2% decrease from October 2014. Year-to-date 2015 there were 680 closings, a 12% increase from year-to-date 2014. Months of Inventory was 4.9, down from 5.9 in October 2014. Median price of sold homes was $275,000 for the month of October 2015, up 15% from October 2014. The Oro Valley area had 70 new properties under contract in October 2015, up 21% from October 2014." (Long Realty Housing Report, November 2015)

No hand count of any recall election
There was no hand count of any of the Oro Valley recall elections. The Oro Valley Town Council authorized the hand count only if the county to meet four conditions.

"The [Pima County] board of supervisors had directed the elections department to conduct a hand count of one of the races in the Oro Valley recall election as well, but the race was not included because county officials said two of the town’s four requirements could not be met.

The town had asked that the county make certain results of the hand count not be used to affect the election outcome and for Pima County to pay any associated costs.

 The county agreed, but could not meet demands that full assurances were given from the Arizona Attorney General and Secretary of State offices that the county had legal authority to conduct the hand counts, and that if any lawsuits related to the audit were filed the county would be released from the legal claims."  (Source)

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