Monday, November 23, 2015

"The War On MIke Zinkin"

The latest game being run by the Majority-4 on Council Member Zinkin seeks to discredit him. They are using the weight and the financial resources of your town to hassle Zinkin for a good natured joke he made at a council meeting in October, a joke they laughed at. You can watch the council's deliberation here.

Here's what one resident and council member Zinkin thinks of this latest move.
The Majority-4 of Hiremath,  Hornat, Snider and Waters won their recall election by a nominal 51%. That leaves as 49% of the eligible voters who were not happy with them. This was after the development community pumped nearly $100,000 into their campaigns.

Mike Zinkin is a 3-year council member who has been at odds with the Majority-4 for most of his time in office. As a result there have been a goodly number of attempts by them to remove him.

It started with various allegations of misconduct which turned out to be just that. Never proven.

Their next tactic was to attempt to recall the council member. This attempt failed however when they were unable to obtain sufficient signatures (2,000) from the Oro Valley citizenry.

The latest accusation includes the alleged “sexual harassment” of an employee. This happened because Mr. Zinkin, in a joke from the dais at an October council meeting, made reference that it has taken so long for the General Plan update to be completed that Mr. Zinkin’s hair has gone gray and that an employee is still trying to grow a beard.

Mayor Hiremath and other council members laughed at the joke.

This is considered “sexual harassment” by the Majority-4 council members?

Are we living in the safe world of Disneyland or in a sissified self created fantasy world? As they say: "Get a grip on reality."

It is understood that the Majority-4 would like to have Zinkin out of the way, and appoint someone in his seat that agrees with them. This would create a “Super Majority” with 5 votes, and give the five a monopoly on policy making.

Is this what the citizens of Oro Valley want?

Rudy Roszak
Oro Valley Resident

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