Monday, November 2, 2015

Hiremath Bought and Paid For By Development Community

Mayor Satish Hiremath raised $22,660 during he past 4 months. Contractors and developers, most of whom live outside Oro Valley, contributed 78% of the total.

Contractors and Developers Like Hiremath
Big money contributors include all the usual suspects, looking for and getting  handouts and favors from Oro Valley:
  • Humberto Lopez         $6,250
  • The Kai Family             3.000
  • Omar Mireles                2,400
  • Diamond Ventures        1,000
  • Greg Wexler                 1,000
  • Peter Fasseas                1,000
Hiremath hired Democratic strategists
During the same time span, Hiremath spent almost $17,500 on a Phoenix-based political strategy group, Saguaro Strategies. Their website claims the they are "the most sought after Democratic consultants in the Southwest."

One one the principals is Adam Kinsey.
"Adam cut his teeth as an organizer in Southern Arizona, and brings an activist's energy to the campaigns and organizations he manages. Adam served as Executive Director of the Pima County Democratic Party and Field Director for Richard Carmona's U.S."
So, what you have is a bunch of old line Republicans (did we fail to mention that Jim Click Jr dumped a grand into the coffers) paying for Hiremath's hiring Democrat strategists to consult on how to win a political race in a town that has 60% registered Republicans.

Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

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