Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving From LOVE

We never could figure out why the turkey looks so happy in every picture that says: "Happy Thanksgiving"

The turkey is, after all, the recipient of really back luck when it comes to Thanksgiving. The turkey will not be enjoying the festive meal. The turkey will be the meal.

You gotta feel bad for the turkey.

Happy To The End
Think about it. First, you are fed as much as you can eat. They want you to be fat. That can't be good your health, right?

Then, you have to survive the bird flu epidemic. The only cure for the bird flu is a shot gun.

If you survive the bird flu, you get to be squeezed into a crate, Then you are taken to a big plant in the middle of nowhere where they hang you upside down by your legs and.. Well, you know the rest.

So,  really, there is no reason for a turkey to be happy on Thanksgiving

Well, though it may not be happy day for the turkey, we hope that it is a happy day for you.

Enjoy the food.

Enjoy the family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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