Friday, November 6, 2015

Election Update: Hornat-Hartung Race Still In Play

According to John Brakey of Auditaz, there are approximately 24,000 county-wide ballots yet to be counted from this Tuesday's election. These will be counted starting at 10am today.

The number of uncounted ballots is 15% of the total number of ballots already counted. Applying this percentage to the number of votes already cast in the Hornat-Hartung race, that would mean that there are about 1,900 ballots still to be counted in this race. Hornat has a 153 vote lead over Hartung before the votes are counted.

The votes to be counted are from walk-in voters. Some brought their vote by mail submissions to the polls. Others had their voting questioned for various reasons. Hartung would have to get 54% of these votes to tie Hornat.  Those who voted at the polls whose votes have already been counted 51.5% for Hartung and 48.5% for Hornat.  So, Hartung would have to do better than that in order to win this race.

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