Monday, October 26, 2015

ASU Is Coming To Town To Anchor The Accelerator Even If Pima Bonds Defeated

"The Sun Corridor"
Speaking at the State of The Town luncheon sponsored by the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce earlier this month, Arizona State University President Michael Crow discussed the "sun corridor."

The sun corridor is one reason ASU is coming to Oro Valley
The "sun corridor" is a "megapolitan area." It extends from Prescott to Nogales. Total population is 5.6 million. (detailed report)

According to Crow, the sun corridor is one of the 10 places in the US where the bulk of US economic growth in the US will occur in the next 50 years.

ASU to anchor a business accelerator
ASU will be the anchor in Oro Valley's Business Accelerator.  Public funding for the accelerator is part of the Pima County bond package. It is part of proposition 426.  It is a $15 million request. However, that is not a reason to vote for the bond package.

The accelerator will be built using private sources if voters do not approve the bond package

The building of the accelerator is not an Oro Valley project.  This project is being led by a private developer and has the Town’s support. The developer, not the Town, would find alternative funding options if voters do not approve the bond package.

The project is championed by BIOSA—Innovation, a non-profit with the involvement of developer Venture West. "BIOSA is a non-profit, membership trade organization dedicated to the establishing and supporting the life sciences industry in southern Arizona."

A place for the scientific community to gather
According to the town, the accelerator " envisioned as a place where scientists from industry and academia who share research interests will be able to conduct translational research. The accelerator will help advance research, accelerate the product development cycle, and will support and help create new businesses.

The accelerator will make services and shared facilities available to startup companies on an-as needed basis: Office space, lab space, shared access to reception, IT, biospecimens collection and repository, conference rooms, video and teleconference facility, training suites, video production for investigator training and/or human subject enrollment, research site monitors, administrative support (book-keeping, payroll, HR), and consultation on regulatory strategy, market analysis and business planning."

The town has assured LOVE that, even if this bond issue is not passed by the voters, ASU is coming to Oro Valley.

"ASU has offered academic programs in Pima County for over 35 years and remains committed to providing access to education and support for economic development in the county.”
Thanks to the Town Of Oro Valley Economic Development Department, the ASU Office of the President, and Venture West in preparing this posting.

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