Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Heather's Corner: Political Potty Mouth and LOVE

I am a mother of two small children. I try very hard to instill in them that though they get angry with one another it is not OK to say, "You broke my favorite toy, you dummy." It works most times, but lack of a matured impulse control takes over, as one would expect of a three and five year old, respectively, and names are called, feelings hurt, followed by tears, pouting, the works. All in a days work for a mom

Of course I won't mention any names pertaining to LOVE but similarly, sometimes there are just downright cruelties flung in the comments of this blog. I confess I have found myself silently chuckling when particularly clever zingers were hurled (and don't we have some of the most clever zinger-hurlers from both sides of the fence.) But at some point, they stop being humorous, at least to myself, and they become painful to read, and sad.

LOVE, I believe, has highly intelligent readers who aren't just "OK" with "sheep think" and therefore seek out information wherever possible be it this blog or others, newspapers, public meetings, etc. I think a good many of our readers are the "doers" of the community. These are the go-getters, the researchers, and the ones who can get things done; the true backbone of our community. So it is often I wonder why the disagreements between our readers aren't more like, "Interesting point, So and So, thank you for sharing but you and I don't agree on this matter," instead of, "You broke my favorite toy, you dummy."

Obviously we at LOVE, and our readers, thrive on healthy debate. But when the topic is overshadowed by tit-for-tat mud-slinging the importance seems lost. So here is a little test if you will.

Let's see who can refrain from using name calling or derogatory statements and still have the strongest points of view. Be witty, be direct, be factual, be opinionated, but be tactful. I appreciate these points of view. I learn something new from you all everyday. Who's with me?
Heather Nenadovich has lived in Oro Valley for 6 years. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona. She loves gardening, nature, art, and travel. Currently her two young children fill up most of her days (and nights) with chaotic bliss. Oro Valley favorites: memorial bench at the entrance of Romero Canyon Trail in Catalina State Park, Toscana Studio and Gallery, OV Fall Festival, the gumption and determination of OV residents! Sent from my iPhone

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