Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oro Valley Recall Election Challengers File Their Nomination Petitions

The following is the full text of a press release:
August 31, 2015

It’s Official: Oro Valley Residents Ready to DRIVE out the Recalled Incumbents; 2,944 Signatures Filed by Challengers

Oro Valley, AZ — Mayoral Candidate Pat Straney and Town Council Candidates Steve Didio, Ryan Hartung and Shirl Lamonna have filed their nomination petitions to run in the November Recall election in Oro Valley. A minimum of 221 signatures was required for the Mayoral seat and 526 signatures for Councilmembers.

All four candidates significantly exceeded the signature threshold for the office they are seeking. The individual totals filed by each candidate were:
  • Pat Straney: 491, 
  • Steve Didio: 827
  • Ryan Hartung: 793
  • Shirl Lamonna: 833. 
The incumbents were recalled over their rushed decision to purchase the El Conquistador Country Club, Golf and Tennis Facilities from HSL Properties, among several other issues.

These challenger Nomination Petitions were, in fact, the culmination of Referendum and Recall petition drives throughout the year with a combined total of nearly 16,000 signatures.

The high numbers gathered in such a short time frame are “indicative of broad support within the town for change in local government” stated Steve Didio, a retired US Navy Officer who is running for a Council seat. “Citizens sought us out to sign all four petitions at multiple locations throughout the town,” he added.

Ryan Hartung, who led the successful recall effort, indicated that he’s “ready to focus on the issues facing Oro Valley and any upcoming debates” now that his petition signatures have been filed.

Former General Motors Executive Pat Straney was a late entry to the race and attributed his rapid success to resident distrust of the recalled Mayor. “As a result of the many volunteers that supported me, 491 signatures were obtained in a little over 3 weeks in response to a requirement of 221.” Straney further commented: “I look forward to the active campaigning phase of this election effort and earning the honor of becoming the Mayor of Oro Valley and representing the interests of all residents and businesses in our community.”

Shirl Lamonna, who led the T.O.O.T.H. (Tee’d Off Over Tax Hike) referendum effort said her candidacy isn’t just about the El Con Golf Course deal. “It’s about retaining our small town character and following the General Plan. It’s also a matter of trust. It’s about the influence of campaign donations from special interest groups. It’s about the recalled incumbents’ voting pattern for a whole series of questionable decisions to increase taxes, to approve nearly 800 apartments and high density subdivisions and to saddle Oro Valley families with millions of dollars in liabilities that could require the incumbents to raise taxes even further to make up for unintended losses. This recall election at last provides voters a voice and a choice on November 3rd. It’s time to change the course in Oro Valley.”

In Recall Elections, candidates must declare which recalled incumbent they will run against. Pat Straney will face Mayor Hiremath; Steve Didio will face Lou Waters; Ryan Hartung will face Joe Hornat and Shirl Lamonna will face Mary Snider on November 3rd.

For more information on each of the candidates, their campaigns and priorities, please visit their websites at: www.electpatstraneymayor.com, www.steve-didio.squarespace.com, www.ryanhartung.com, www.shirlforovcouncil.com

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