Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Accountable Government Now Signs Vandalized

Like it or not, campaign signs are in our lives until November 4. Legally, one is not allowed to touch a campaign sign.

However, someone has and, if they read LOVE, we advise them not to do it.

This sign (right) is located at the intersection of Valley del Oro Drive and El Conquistador way. It is a Majority-4 sign.

Next to it are two signs which were vandalized. One, bottom right, was removed from the rebar and dropped on the ground. The rebar on the other sign (top right) was bent. The effect is to eliminate both signs.  This is not storm or wind damage. It is obvious vandalizing by someone who supports the incumbents.  They claim to be the "civility" people. They are anything but that.

This (at left) is the way the signs look now, after being restored. This, by the way, is the way they are going to stay!

We spoke with Don Bristow, head of the PAC Accountable Government Now, owner of the signs. Their goal is to complete the recall process.

ACN has recorded a number of instances in which their signs have been vandalized.

"Friday, Sept. 25" Don wrote, "I filed a police report because six of my 'OUST' signs with top riders and - wires had been stolen. Most of the time the rebar was left."

Don continues: "In addition two of the top rider signs have disappeared. I have had at least four signs removed and thrown into the nearby vegetation. Also have had two run over of pushed to the ground."

We saw one of these on Oracle Road at Lambert Lane.

Bristow sent us a picture of some of the damage that have been done to his signs. In this picture, someone had put dirty furnace filters over the signs.

This kind of vandalism is likely done by supporters of the Majority-4. And they claim to be the civil ones!

This behavior can not be tolerated.

A person may not like a candidate.

A person may not like a sign.

They should express their anger by voting, not by vandalizing a political sign.

Let's restore respect and dignity to Oro Valley.

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