Sunday, July 5, 2015

LOVE Takes Vacation... See You August 3

LOVE is taking a vacation. This, after 8 plus years of continuous publishing. Its been a big job for a few people.

Each summer we have published even when there has been little of which to publish and even though many of our readers are vacationing.

This year, however, we are also vacationing.  We will be back on line August 3 with our review of key happenings during our 30 day absence. (Heather will be back on line in September). If something really significant happens we will send at email to our mailing list. So, please be sure to sign up for it.

You can still get your news about Oro Valley and Pima County right here.

Simply visit LOVE and click on the tab that says "Oro Valley News" or the one that says "Pima County News."  It will have the latest info from local and regional publications about Oro Valley and Pima County respectively.

We hope that you will enjoy the summer. We know that we will.

You LOVE Team

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