Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Much Ado About Nothing

Last Wednesday, there was an incident in which Oro Valley Vice Mayor Lou Waters and Oro Valley resident Tom Kamoske scuffled. It happened when residents were going to a scheduled appointment to turn in recall petitions on Mayor Hiremath.

If you have not seen the video, then you a probably wondering what really happened? Was Vice Mayor Water's attacked? Was resident Tom Kamoske pushed to the ground by the Vice Mayor? Did they scuffle? Was anyone hurt?

The Incident

The following is exactly what happened:
  • About 80 individuals wearing "Red Shirt" that voice support of Hiremath  formed a gauntlet through which those supporting his recall must pass through in order to submit their petitions to the town clerk. 
  • Vice Mayor Lou Waters was standing inside this gauntlet, partially in the path of the submitters
  • Vice Mayor Waters was taking pictures of the submitters as they walked through the gauntlet
  • The submitters walked past and to the right of Vice Mayor Waters.
  • Oro Valley resident Tom Kamoske blocked Water's camera lens by putting papers in front of Water's camera as he walked past Waters.
  • Waters pushed Kamoskie with his left arm as Kamoske passed him
  • Kamoske continued two steps, then turned back to face Waters. In turning back Kamoske fell. It seems to us that his left ankle gave way as he turned back at Waters. 
  • Waters watched Kamoske fall.
  • Waters then turned to face the submitters to take pictures of the other submitters. 
  • Then Waters turned to photograph Kamoske on the ground.
The total event was 13.3 seconds! We've slowed it down in the video at right so that you can see it  in detail.

"Much Ado About Nothing"

So why is this such a big deal?

Waters claims he was  injured. It is obvious that this not the case. After he pushed Kamoske, Waters turned to take pictures of other submitters. How injured could have possibly been? Certainly, not injured enough to even take personal note.

Kamoske claims that Waters push caused him to fall. How is it, then, that he took two steps and then fell after he turned to face Water.

In is on both sides: "No harm. No foul."

At worst, Kamoske, who was charged by Oro Valley police with assaulting Waters is guilty of 2 counts of bad judgment. The first count has to do with putting the papers in front of the camera. The second is turning back after being pushed.

At worst, Vice Mayor Waters is also guilty of using bad judgment. As the sitting Vice Mayor of Oro Valley he should not have been at this event. He should not have been taking pictures so as to intimidate the Oro Valley residents submitting the petitons. He should not have shoved Kamoske.

It's all politics

So, why the big deal?

It is a big deal because the Oro Valley police, supporters of the Majority-4, decided to turn this into a big deal. It was they who "investigated" the incident and "convicted" Kamoske. They should have simply said to bother parties: "Grow up."

Now, supporters of the Majority-4 are trying to say that the new candidates and those who support change are "thugs."

Waters seeks restraining order
Vice Mayor Waters has filed for a one year restraining order against resident Kamoske. 

A triple play of insanity

It's all politics, folks. And it makes us sick! It's a "triple play of insanity."

A town resident acts foolishly. A vice mayor participates in an event the he should not have been at; and then pressing charges when he, himself, pushed the resident. And, an outrageous, obviously biased enforcement of law on the part of the Oro Valley police.

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