Friday, June 26, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Meet the new candidates tomorrow
"Just a friendly reminder that you can meet three Town Council candidates this Saturday, June 27th and sign the petitions to help get them on the November ballot. The event is from 9am - 3pm at the Town Council Courtyard and at the Oro Valley Public Library. Refreshments will be served. Please see the attached flyer." (Source: Steve Didio email)

In light of the "insanity" that occurred at town hall Wednesday when Hiremath recall papers were filed, lets hope that only those interested in meeting the new candidates attend this event.

Petitions submitted to recall Mayor Hiremath

Oro Valley, Arizona (June 25, 2015) - At approximately 10 a.m. yesterday, June 24, 2015, signatures for a recall petition for Oro Valley Mayor Satish I. Hiremath were delivered to the Town of Oro Valley Clerk's Office. The petitions were submitted by the Oro Valley Citizens for Open Government Committee.

The Oro Valley Clerk's Office has 10 days in which to process the petitions and verify that the total number of signatures eligible for verification is equal to or exceeds the minimum 2,765 required signatures.

Pima County will then have 60 days in which to verify the signatures before the petition process moves forward. Once the county verifies the signatures, they will come back to the Oro Valley Town Clerk for a final check before they are legally filed. (Source: Town of Oro Valley Press Release) 

Group forms to oppose Pima County Bond
Taxpayers Against Pima County Bonds has formed. According to a group press release: 
"The real myth is “new bonding will not affect your property taxes.” The fact is, last year on my tax bill, I paid almost $170.00 under the category "county bonds secondary." This represents almost 5% of my total tax bill! It does NOT include the roughly $1,385 I pay in other secondary property taxes, many of which are also bonds for other things. And secondary property taxes are in addition to the primary property taxes we pay. Bonds DO affect your taxes! Pima County now wants to borrow close to $816 Million. This is a 57% increase over what Pima County currently owes. If my taxes on the existing Pima County Bonds are $170 a year, what can I expect them to go up to after they borrow another $816 Million? It's basic economics, the more you borrow, the more you need to pay back! " (Source: Taxpayers Against Pima County Bonds Press Release)

Their webside is

 Hecker Leads Pima County Bond Support
"A group in support of the Pima County bond proposal has formed and begun to lobby the public to vote for the $815 million bond plan. The group, called "Yes on Pima County Bonds", held a news conference Monday to announce the effort.

Tucson attorney and chairman of the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee Lawrence Hecker is listed as the group’s chairman.

Business consultant and former Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities chairman Steve Eggen is treasurer of the group." (Source: Arizona Daily Star

Do you think that Hecker has a conflict of interest being chairing the Pima County Bond Advisory Board and now leading the cheerleading effort?

"Waters: From CNN To Council"
Rose Law Group published an exclusive interview with Council Member Lou Waters.

Entitled: "From CNN anchor desk to Oro Valley Town Council", the article asked why he ran for office. "Service always has been in my DNA, so I ran and won . . . twice." Later in the article he notes: "Far too many of our “politicians” will say or do anything to remain in office. And far too many things they say are just not in the best interests of the constituents they serve."

Rock Ridge Apartments Needs Tenants
Rock Ridge Apartments are located on the west side of Oracle Road, just south of Lambert Lane. The've been in town a long time. They need tenants. And the prices actually look pretty interesting. Want to learn more?

We imagine that apartment pricing in Oro Valley is going to get even better for the consumer as Russ Rulney's apartments, located just south of Rock Ridge on the east side of Oracle near completion. It is a monster development.

Oro Valley Releases Latest Crime Statistics
Oro Valley Police Department has issued their latest crime statistics.  Almost have of Oro Valley's accident intersections are at 3 major intersections. Oracle and Magee are, once again, at the top of the most frequent collision intersections.  Next are LaCanada and Tangerine and Tangerine and First Avenue.

The report includes information on how quickly police reach the scene of an incident, traffic or otherwise.  90% of the time or more officer response is at or under the allotted time for a particular incident priority. For example, our police responded to 97% of top priority incidents within one minute. There were 14. (Source)

Coffee with a Cop This Morning 
 "The Oro Valley Police Department is excited to announce its June Coffee with a Cop event located at Jerry Bob's, 10550 N. La CaƱada Drive, Suite 140 . It will be on Friday, June 26, 2015 from 7 to 9 a.m. This marks the one year anniversary of its inception." (Oro Valley Police Department Press Release)

November Sees The Q and Brew 10K
"On Your Left Fitness is excited to partner with the North Tucson Firefighter’s Association (NTFFA) in hosting the Q and Brew 10K Run/Walk in conjunction with NTFFA’s BBQ Cook Off. Over 30 firefighter teams will be cooking up mouth-watering BBQ for you to enjoy after your run." The race is Saturday, November 21 in Oro Valley. (Source) On Your Left also sponsors a Test N Tune events at Steam Pump Ranch.

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