Monday, April 27, 2015

Petitions To Recall Oro Valley Council Member Hornat, Snider and Waters Turned in Today

Oro Valley Resident Ryan Hartung, leader of the group Oro Valley Citizens for Open Government ("OVCOG") turned in petitions t\that had more than 3,000 registered voter signatures to recall three Oro Valley council majority members:

  Joe Hornat:                  3,032
  Mary Snider:                3,081
  Lou Waters:                 3,052 

Approximately 2,200 signatures are required for a recall election to occur.  The 800+ overage is to cover any  non-Oro Valley registered voter signatures.

"We have been very careful to make sure that every signature on these petitions is valid." Hartung observed prior to submitting the signatures. "They ran as a block. They voted s block. They should be recalled as a block.”

Ryan Hartung (OVCOG) and Oro Valley Clerk Bower
OVCOG has gathered sufficient signatures for a recall election for the mayoral position, according to Hartung. The threshold number of signatures required is 2,800.

OVCOG wants to be sure that it has a larger cushion of overage signatures to ensure that any invalid signatures are covered.  The group has until late June to turn in this petition.

The fact that the petitions to have a vote on the purchase of the El Conquistador Country Club were rejected by Town Clerk Bower has made it necessary for this recall effort, according to Hartung: “We had no other recourse."

The turn-activity was covered by local press and KOLD TV. So, be sure to look for their coverage today and tonight.

In the room during the submission to town clerk Bower was a representative of the Oro Valley Police Department. As we have previously reported, the police have been actively working against the recall by originating and spreading false information that the recall is about the police.

According to Hargung: "This recall is about the unwise purchase of the El Conquistador Country Club. Nothing else."

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