Monday, April 20, 2015

Oro Valley Resident Offers To Purchase El Conquistador Country Club From Town Of Oro Valley

"My group is offering to purchase the El Conquistador Country Club from the city of Oro Valley for the amount of $1 million dollars."

Thus begins a letter dated today from Oro Valley resident Rick Chandler to Oro Valley Mayor Hiremath and council. He sent us the letter also.

You may recall our January posting "Oro Valley Businessman Would Have Loved To Have Leased The ELCon Golf Courses". That posting highlighted a Chandler offer to lease the property from the town. That posting includes a video of his offer. Chandler made that offer at the December 17th council meeting. That was the meeting in which the Majority-4 authorized the formal negotiations to purchase the El Conquistador Country Club from a major contributor to their reelection campaign, HSL Properties.

In the letter, Chandler notes: "In return, our group would lease back to the city, all areas of the property and facilities that would benefit the city and satisfy all the amenities the city was initially looking for. i.e. Rec. Center , Swimming Pools, Camp Space, Tennis & Racquetball Courts."

He also estimates that acceptance of his proposal would save the town $9 million.

We spoke with Chandler. "This is a bone fide offer." He is willing to demonstrate such with earnest money as soon as someone in authority at the Town Of Oro Valley responds.  "My partner and I have ample funds to complete a deal with the town."

Whether the town could move forward on this with Chandler depends on the nature of the agreement to purchase the El Conquistador Country Club. That is under negotiation. We believe that the purchase will come with a "locked in" management contract for Troon Golf; and, perhaps, a right of refusal by HSL Properties on any sale or lease of the property." That purchase contract is still under negotiation.

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