Saturday, March 21, 2015

TOOTHINOV.ORG Files With Supreme Court

We received the following email message from Debra Arrett  of TOOTHINOV.ORGo today.

"Shirl Lamonna and I decided to ask the Arizona Supreme Court to consider our case against Julie Bower (Town of Oro Valley) on Thursday and attorney Bill Risner filed the request yesterday. We had ten days to make such a request after the ruling from the Appellate Court, the last day being tomorrow (Sunday). Be it Superior, Appellate or even the Supreme Court, one never knows how the judge(s) will rule. We were told that the Chief Justice has a great deal of expertise in election and constitutional law. So keep your fingers crossed. We expect to know by Wednesday if they will consider our case and understand that if they do, it would be a quick process."

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