Monday, January 5, 2015

Editorial: Oro Valley Town Council Should Reconsider Tax Hike and Golf Course Purchase

Members of the Oro Valley Town Council have until 6 PM this Tuesday night to add 2 items to the agenda. One is for a reconsideration of the purchase of the El Conquistador Country Club. The other is for reconsideration of the halfpenny sales tax increase to support it.

As a minimum it would be politically expedient for one of the Majority-4 to make these motions. The effort by TOOTHINOV.ORG to gather signatures has made great strides. We have talked with them. The latest: They have little doubt that that will submit more than enough verified signatures to cause a public vote in May.

The motions to reconsider would not include the actual reconsideration. That would happen at the next council meeting which is January 21. If enough signatures have been filed by that time, the Council can then decode if it wants to plunge Oro Valley into four months of politicking and color glossy mailings that extoll the humongous benefits of this deal. If enough signatures have not been been filed then the motion to reconsider is moot. Oro Valley can just move on.

There is ample reason for each of the Majority-4 to put a reconsideration motion on the table.
  • We've been told that council member Snider wants to be mayor one day. Her base of support is Sun City. Sun City is against this transaction. It is doubtful that Snider will be able to sustain that support if she continues to support this measure.
  • Then there's Mayor Hiremath. Some of his supporters believe has “taken leave of his good sense” by pushing this transaction. We've been told that the Mayor may have higher political aspirations at some point. Be good for him to leave a legacy of good taste in the mouths of all the voters of Oro Valley.
  • Then there's council member Joe Hornat. Joe prides himself in thoroughly reviewing all materials. Has he really had the time to look and to study all facets of this transaction? That is what constituents expect of him.  Is he blinded by the light of a "deal too good to be true?" 
  • Then there's Vice Mayor Waters. He was twice elected to counsel based on his celebrity status. OK. We can't think of a reason he would or not not put this up for reconsideration.
We're not here to throw fuel on the fire. In fact, we told Mayor Hiremath that LOVE's objective in tis is to bring harmony Oro Valley. At least the thought of a reconsideration motion might help do that.

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