Friday, January 30, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Lopez Sets Record Straight: HSL Would Not Have Waited If Oro Valley Had Not Voted To Buy El Conquistador Country Club

"I want to make it clear that if the decision to buy the El Conquistador Golf Club had not been made [by the Oro Valley Town Council] on December 17th, we would have pursued our other sale opportunities and would be unwilling to wait until May or even March to complete this transaction."

This is a direct quote from a letter that Lopez of HSL properties, the company that is going to sell the El Conquistador Country Club To Oro Valley, sent a letter to the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce.

In this letter Lopez said that HSL is now willing to wait for the town to purchase the property because the town had agreed to do so.

Superior Court Judge Aragon To Hear TOOTHINOV.ORG Appeal Tuesday

We have received information from TOOTHINOV.ORG that their appeal appeal of the rejection of the referendum will be heard next Tuesday.  The the judge assigned to the case, the Honorable Gus Aragon, will hear pleadings at 10 am in Superior Court. (Related News Story)

HSL Hopes To Close Deal on El Conquistador Country Club Sale To Oro Valley By March 1

"Hospitality specialists from CBRE offices around the country negotiated the recent $15 million sale of Oro Valley’s Hilton El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort and the El Conquistador Country Club to Tucson-based developer HSL Properties.

HSL plans about $16 million in rehabilitation and capital improvements on the hotel portion of the property, with work to take place over the next 12 to 18 months. HSL has also started the process to split off the resort’s country club and 45 holes of golf to the Town of Oro Valley. HSL hopes to finalize that sale by March 1, although local residents have initiated a referendum petition drive that could potentially halt the sale." (Source)(Alternative Source)
Oro Valley Cops Stolen Wallet Found In Stafford

Stafford Police arrested a man in possession of an Oro Valley Police Officers stolen possession.

"Alejandro Andres Martinez, 31, of Safford, was arrested and booked into the Graham County Jail early Saturday morning on charges of taking the identity of another person, theft and failure to comply with a police officer after numerous identification, debit and credit cards belonging to an Oro Valley Police officer were found in his possession.

After placing Martinez in their patrol car for failing to comply with the officer’s command, the police performed an inventory check of the car and located a driver’s license, Oro Valley Police Department identification card, Pima regional SWAT callout card, town of Oro Valley insurance card, two credit cards, three debit cards and a Sam’s Club card all belonging to an Oro Valley Police officer. The cards were previously reported stolen by the victim, who said his wallet was taken when he was at a gym." (Source)

None of us are immune from car theft "smash and grab" crime. So, keep you valuables out of sight an locked away.
Oro Valley Launches "5 Questions In 5 Minutes" To Solicity Your Input On 2015-16 Budget

It’s budget time in Oro Valley, and in lieu of a public forum which has traditionally garnered low attendance, the Town has launched an online opportunity for residents to give direct input on what they feel are priorities for the Town. The online questionnaire, 5 Questions in 5 Minutes, opens today, January 26, and will run through February 8. In this questionnaire, participants will have an opportunity to rank potential capital improvement project categories and indicate priority levels on Town programs and services.

This is the link to access the survey.
Councilmember Zinkin Appointed To Two National League of Cities Committees

Oro Valley, Arizona (January 27, 2015) - Town of Oro Valley Councilmember Mike Zinkin has been appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) 2015 Community and Economic Development Steering Committee and the Small Cities Council.

Community and Economic Development Steering Committee has the lead responsibility for developing NLC federal policy positions on issues involving housing, community and economic development, land use, recreation and parks, historic preservation and international competitiveness. The appointment was announced by NLC President Ralph E. Becker, mayor, Salt Lake City, Utah.
(Source: Town Of Oro Valley Press Release)

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