Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Mid Day 2: Referendum Filed: Oro Valley Residents Look to Overturn Town Council’s Golf Club Vote

"December 18, 2014 – (Oro Valley, AZ) – Oro Valley residents who oppose the Town Council’s recent resolution to purchase a golf club have filed an application for a referendum petition to overturn last night’s Town Council vote. Tee’d Off Over Tax Hike, (T.O.O.T.H. in OV), will challenge the Council’s decision to buy the El Conquistador Country Club, Golf and tennis facilities in an effort to ultimately have voters decide on the project.

Following five and a half hours of public comment mostly against the proposal, Mayor Satish Hiremath, Councilwoman Mary Snider, Vice Mayor Lou Waters and Councilman Joe Hornat voted to approve the controversial project and tax increase. Citing concerns with financial data and forecasting, Councilmen Bill Garner, Brendan Burns and Mike Zinkin voted against the idea and corresponding tax hike.

Shirl Lamonna, who is heading up the referendum said, “It is unfortunate Hiremath, Snider, Waters and Hornat, who were elected to represent the people they serve, not only ignored the will of their constituents by approving this financially flawed project but have further risked the financial future and prosperity of Oro Valley in doing so”. Lamonna went on to say, “It is also very concerning that every individual who voted for this project and tax increase, has received substantial campaign funding from interested parties involved in this transaction”.

On top of the declining golf industry statistics, residents were stunned to hear the council had received new, revised capital improvement numbers just hours before the meeting. Questions of due diligence, transparency and lack of fiduciary responsibility were the common theme from the residents who spoke out at the meeting. T.O.O.T.H in OV plans to set up various locations in Oro Valley to have residents sign petitions in order to overturn the decision of the Town Council and to allow the decision to be placed on a ballot for vote. The petitions will be turned in by January 16th.

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(Source: Press Release)

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