Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Heather's Corner Special: Happy Thanksgiving

This week is Thanksgiving and we are taking a small break from our usual schedule to resume again on Monday December 1st.

Though we all have many personal reasons to be thankful this week, here are a few local reasons to appreciate living in Oro Valley outside of our glorious weather this time if year (sorry East coast and most of the country.)

These are 3 places around town that you may or may not recognize. See how many you can figure out.

1. Established August 17, 2002 this Oro Valley staple has 15,000 sq ft and cost $5.1 million.

2. Established in 1959, the town of Oro Valley, incorporated in 1974, takes its name from this place.

3. One of the many buildings of this historic monument and home to Saturday market.

Answers will be revealed next week.  Please feel free to send us any photos you have of any art, places, or spaces around Oro Valley to see if our readers can figure it out!

In the mean time, we wish you a peaceful rest of the week and a bountiful Thanksgiving.

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