Friday, November 7, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Oro Valley Home Sales Steadily Down

Long Realty's October report on Oro Valley Homes shows a decrease in the number of homes sold for the past six months. In April, 71 home sold. In September, 49 home sold. The sales price of homes in Oro Valley varies significantly.

Long reports that the median sale price is $262,000. This is substantially less than the $327,500 median sale price in 2006. Between then and now, of course, there was a substantial economic recession. Apparently, housing sales and housing prices have not recovered in Oro Valley.  (Source: "The Housing Report"-Long Realty)
Oro Valley Selected As Happy Place

Movoto, a real estate brokerage site, has designated orovalleyaz one of the 10 happiest places in Arizona. "We looked at criteria such as stress, safety, marital status," Movoto PR Associate Chad Stiffney wrote us. Read all about it.
Comcast's Xfinity X-1 System Has Major Virus

We've concluded that Comcast's Xfinity X-1 System has a major virus. We concluded this after experiencing several unexplained glitches in the use of the system and the inability of the system to operate on-screen menus. We've had to restart our system several times in the past three days.

 Have you seen this virus?
We called Comcast.  As usual, it took a while to get to her human to find out what the problem was.   We learned that customers are experiencing outages of significant proportions throughout the country.

The representative told us that there is a problem somewhere with the software and that Comcast software engineers had been unable to find it. We asked for credit for a few days of service and received it. You might want to try that too.

If you want to find out what's going on across the nation the Twitter hashtag is #comcastoutage. People are outraged.
Congratulations Mark Finchem

Congratulations to Oro Valley resident Mark Finchem on his election to the Arizona Legislature. "Finchem, a real estate broker from Oro Valley, called himself a “constitutionalist” throughout the campaign. " (Source)    Several years ago, Mark ran for Oro Valley council.  LOVE wishes you our best, Mark.

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