Monday, August 18, 2014

Guest View-Art Segal: Vote One For Straney and One For Bristow

It's been a few years since I turned over LOVE totally to Richard, who has done an outstanding job of informing and enlightening the residents of Oro Valley as to the issues confronting us.

About a month ago, Richard sent out an email to those on LOVE's email list that I hope you all read, that discussed our upcoming election. In his message, he suggested ("implored" might be a better word), that if you're concerned about the representation of the mayor and 3 council members up for reelection, you'll vote ONLY for Pat Straney for mayor, and Don Bristow for council.

After 4 1/2 years, doing my best to keep our friends and neighbors in Oro Valley informed, I began to realize that not enough of our fellow citizens either knew, or cared who, or how our local government impacted our daily lives. The election of 2010, in which Mike Zinkin failed to become mayor by a total of 30 votes, in a questionable vote count, left me very disenchanted. Since being elected Mayor, Dr. Hiremath has consistently denigrated publicly anyone who may have an opinion not shared by him. He's not embarrassed by his actions, but he is an embarrassment to the people of Oro Valley.

30 votes could have, and would have changed everything in Oro Valley. You can be sure that a study of the police department's operation would have been done, not "squashed" by the 4 seeking reelection. We wouldn't have the police department working a schedule that requires the citizens to pay for hundreds of hours of overtime. We wouldn't have about 50% of the police, regardless of where they live, driving OUR police cars home on a daily basis. We wouldn't have an escalated "Use Tax" on our necessities of life: our water, gas & electric bills. More than likely, we wouldn't see hundreds of apartments being built, on what seems to be any open parcel in Oro Valley. Look no further than Oracle road, and you'll see 3 major apartment complexes in various stages of construction.

YOU can change the dynamics of Oro Valley. Take Richard's advice, and PLEASE----- VOTE FOR ONLY PAT STRANEY & DON BRISTOW. Things can and will get better in Oro Valley. And, remember----Your vote is critical! Let Oro Valley Excel!
Art Segal is LOVE's co-founder. He worked tirelessly for years to inform Oro Valley's residents of the happenings in our community.   Known for his sharp insights and  his"no holds barred" writing style, Art kept LOVE moving forward by "telling it like it is."  He helped identify and champion Oro Valley's leaders, like Council Member Bill Garner.  Though retired from LOVE, Art is always with us. And for that we are most appreciative.

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Richard Furash, MBA said...

I'm so glad my neighbor showed me this "Love" blog, it always bring a smile to my face and makes me laugh, because of the outragous things you post.

Mr. Segals letter is exagerated, unproffessional and frankly scary that people actually have this perception.

I either watched or attended the council meetings he refers to and my take is much different. How can council members demand things be included in the budget, staf includes them, and then they vote against the budget? Really?

If the Mayor called the County Attorney because a council member moved out of the town .... GOOD FOR HIM! That council member is decieving me as resident.

And let me get this straight, he wants to cut the Police force by 50%, are you insane? We just had a hostage situation where people were held captive in their own home and we should cut more from the police. It is because of the efforts of the police that we are viewed as one of the safest communities to live in. But yet we should cut the force and not allow the "on call" members drive their cars home, because it costs too much.

I lived here a long time, longer than most of you, as a Mother I want my children raised in a safe community lead by a council that values safety of its residents. Not by retired micro-managers!

I know you will now label me as the "blind supporter", go ahead! I have no alliance to anyone. What I do have an alliance to is my family and living in a community that has family values.