Monday, August 11, 2014

Daily Star Confirms LOVE: HSL, Apartment Builder's Fund Hiremath Campaign

The Arizona Daily Star published an article today detailing the substantial donations that HSL Properties and it principles have made to the campaign of Mayor Hiremath. HSL is building Encantada at Steam Pump Ranch. This project required rezoning. Such was approved above the objections of residents by the Majority-4.

The Star's report confirms our previous postings that a substantial portion of Mayor Hiremath's campaign financing was provided by HSL and other development interests.

As we have previously reported, developer Ross Rulney also contributed to Mayor Hiremath after the Mayor and the majority incumbents voted to rezone a property east of Oracla and Linda Vista for apartments.

Is it possible that these contributions are behind the support so fervently offered by the Majority-4 to support the building of apartments?

Read our posting this Wednesday.

We will let you draw your own conclusions.

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Richard Furash, MBA said...

Money and special interests corrode our democracy, and put the power over the people in the hands of a few moneyed individuals. This is a classic example of corruption, right under our noses.