Friday, August 22, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Straney and Bristow Signs Are Disappearing

This from council candidate Don Bristow: "During the past week, Pat Straney and my signs have been disappearing from both street and yard locations. We have also experienced damage to our signs. The signs of the incumbent candidates at the same street or in neighboring yard locations are not being disturbed. Please let Pat or me know if your yard sign has disappeared."

Arizona Daily Star Eliminates Northwest Section Print Edition

If you subscribe to the the Star, you may notice that it is lighter than usual. That is because it has eliminated the print edition Northwest section. We also notice that the last posting on its online Northwest section, which you can link to on the right panel of LOVE,  has no current information.

Are Oro Valley's Police Armed Better Than Our Troops?

You may have read this article describing how police in Fergusson Mo. are armed better than US troops in Iraq.

"Let me repeat that: the police in Ferguson have better armor and weaponry than my men and I did in the middle of a war. And Ferguson isn’t alone — police departments across the US are armed for war." ((Source)

We wonder if this comment applies to Oro Valley.
Mr. Mayor: Who Pays For These Pens?

Perhaps if you grace his highness, the Mayor, well enough you may be gifted on of these nifty pens.  We wonder why Oro Valley or its Mayor would need such an extravagance, regardless of what the cost.  Once again, the Mayor demonstrates his hubris.
Did You See The Rainbows?

With the monsoons come the rainbows. The one over the mountains.
Bill Adler Earns "Legacy Award"

Resident Bill Adler was award at the 2014 Legacy Award by the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce on August 8:

"For years Bill has supported efforts to make Oro Valley the great community it is today. His long-term contribution has made and continues to make a difference in this place he loves."
(Source: Greater Oro Valley Chamber Of Commerce)
More "Smash" Break-ins At LA Fitness

Watch and read KGUN9's report on 6 smash and grab car break-ins at LA Fitness.  These have happened since April.  Best advice is to never leave anything of value in your car, regardless of where you park.
Dr. Hiremath's Mayoral Pen

One of our readers' sent us this picture of one of the pens identified with Oro Valley's Office Of The Mayor with his signature on them.  We thought you would like to see it.



Richard Furash, MBA said...

Congratulations to Bill Adler! We are so fortunate to have Bill in our Town.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

I only joined there because of the pool. They keep the water too cold, for me anyway, so I may as well cancel as well.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Dittos! Bill is an Oro Valley treasure.