Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Stuff Of Movies: You Will Write The Ending On August 26

We don't think that we could find a better cast of characters and a plot for a movie about Oro Valley than that presented by the current "proven leadership" in Oro Valley.  It is the stuff of which movies are made.

Here's the movie:

"The 4 Bots"

The first characters are "The 4 Bots. "The 4 Bots"are not a 50's singing group.

"The 4 Bots" are four members of the council.

They are "The 4 Bots" because their behavior is entirely predictable and entirely the same at all times.  They have demonstrated this behavior for 4-plus years.  "The 4 Bots" approve whatever they are given by another character, "The Man With The Iron Fist".  Their knowledge source about town management is given to them by him. "The 4 Bots" always vote the same.  The only time they rise to action is when another set of characters, "The Citizen Centrics" offer an idea. Then, "The 4 Bots" knee-jerk a "NO"response, in unison and proceed, as a team, to attack the idea.

"The Man With The Iron Fist"

"The Man With The Iron Fist" runs the town.  In the old west, "The Man With The Iron Fist" would be the person who had the biggest cattle ranch. Today, he's the person to whom most (not the police) Oro Valley employees ultimately report.  All communications in Oro Valley must, under his rule, and do, under is rule, filter through "The Man With The Iron Fist".

"The Man With The Iron Fist" runs the town with an Iron Fist. He gets loyalty from his employees by more than adequately compensating them.  He has control of "The 4 Bots" because "The 4 Bots" are simply too lazy to prepare for each decision.  "The Man With The Iron Fist" makes life easy for "The 4 Bots."

"The Citizen Centrics"

Finally, we have the heroes of our story, "The Citizen Centrics."  "The Citizen Centrics" are council members like the "The 4 Bots".  Unlike the "The 4 Bots", the "The Citizen Centrics" read the materials they are given by "The Man With The Iron Fist".  Then they investigate. They then consider all factors. They think.

The Story Line

The thinking of the "The Citizen Centrics" is dangerous to "The 4 Bots" and "The Man With The Iron Fist." Thinking means that "The Citizen Centrics" might challenge something.  "The Man With The Iron Fist" knows that challenge, of course, is futile because "The 4 Bots" will always support him. "The Man With The Iron Fist" knows that "The 4 Bots" will never support any idea that is proposed by "The Citizen Centrics." So, "The Man With The Iron Fist" plays politics as he wishes.

The problem for "The Man With The Iron Fist" and "The 4 Bots" is that the "The Citizen Centrics"  know that they represent only one special interest group, the citizens Oro Valley.  "The Citizen Centrics" know that their job is not to simply approve what they are given. "The Citizen Centrics" know that their job is do more than merely to go to town events and smile. "The Citizen Centrics" know that it is their job to think. Think they must!

Challenge they do.

Conflict occurs.

How will the story end?

Will the ideas and concepts presented by "The Citizen Centrics" ever be considered?  Or will "The 4 Bots" and "The Man With The Iron Fist" continue to reign supreme control of Oro Valley?

How will the story end?

You will write the ending on August 26.


Richard Furash, MBA said...

Interesting. First I have seen this slant on the "block vote gang" but after giving it some thought back to the last town manger I can clearly understand why their ("bock vote gang" and town manager) support is so reciprocal. You scratch mine - I scratch yours. Are you now suggesting that special interest owns the town manger and not the "block vote gang"?

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Here's the ending I have in mind:

Pat Straney is elected Mayor. Don Bristow replaces one of The Limelighters. The remaining two Limelighters are marginalized (what goes around comes around) and we all lived happily ever after. The end.