Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Majority-4 Apologist: "We Ain't Meanies"

One of the reasons Council Member Brendan Burns did not vote for the 2014-15 Oro Valley record breaking budget, was that the budget did not do enough for the disadvantaged who live in Oro Valley.

Lest they be painted as "meanies", the Majority-4 had one of their politically aligned, Kay Williams, speak of the work of the Oro Valley Community Foundation.  She spoke in the call to audience portion of the June 18 meeting.  You can view here remarks.

We seem to remember Williams collecting Zinkin recall signatures at Steam Pump Ranch. This was 2 years after she wrote a letter that was published in the local advertising circular on how bad recall efforts are! "At a time when we should move forward to build the town we want for generations to come, regardless of our personal politics, I find this recall activity destructive and unnecessary" she wrote on June 8, 2011. She was speaking of the failed recall effort on 2 of the 4 Majority-4, Council Members Hornat and Snider.

According the the Oro Valley Community Foundation web site: "We make grants to area nonprofit organizations that help those in need and invest in schools to benefit academic programs." (Source: Oro Valley Community Foundation Web Site).

Grants to organizations that help those in need is a good thing. However, that's not of that which Burns spoke! He spoke of the need for the town to directly provide programs to support the disadvantaged. Not of grants to organizations and schools.

Members of the Board of the Oro Valley Community Foundation include Majority-4 supporters, and Zinkin recall-attept supporters: Debra Arrett, Kay Williams, Marilyn Cook, and Mary Snider.

Dave Perry, head of the Greater Oro Valley Chamber, is also on the Board. The Chamber lives off the largess of the town. In fact, we guess that the town gives more to the Chamber than it pays in services for the needy!

These are the same Majority-4 who, several years ago, eliminated a town sponsored exercise program for Parkinson's patients. This happened when they agreed not renew the lease for the Oro Valley recreation center. It was only after screaming on the part of LOVE (Read: "A Town Of Excellence Must Also Have A Heart") regarding the loss of this Parkinsons exercise program that the town reinstated it. The program is now held at the Oro Valley hospital.

Kudos to those who support the work of the Oro Valley Community Foundation.

Still, we don't see the Majority-4 interested in the disadvantaged and certainly not in the manner of which Council Member Burns spoke. We see the Majority-4 as interested in the welfare of the special interests of Oro Valley.

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