Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Heather's Corner: It's Hot Outside-Let's Go to the Movies

I'm sure many of you frequent The Century Theaters at the Oro Valley Marketplace but now is the time to become aquatinted with all of their specials and events considering the hot weather.  So go, relax, enjoy the state-of-the-art twelve screen theater and don't worry about it costing an arm and a leg with these deals:

The Summer Movie Club House is back and welcomed by all the caregivers out there. F or the cost of a $5.00 per person pass, you can see TEN movies, every Wednesday at 10:30am. That's ten movies for less than the cost of a bag of popcorn! These family friendly movies are sure to entertain the young and young at heart. You can also see the movie for $1.00 per person if you chose to pass on the pass. Still a great deal if you ask me.

And for everyone else, Tuesdays are $5.25 all day for everyone and every movie. Seniors get an opportunity to take advantage of this price again on Mondays with $5.25 movies all day. Students, show your ID and get your own discount as well. And of course there is always a military discount for those who serve our country.

Don't forget to download the Cinemark free app for your phone. Each time you put your phone in "Cinemode" while at the movies, which puts your phone on vibrate and dims the screen for you automatically, you are rewarded at the end of the movie with a code for a free popcorn, nachos, hot dog, and other concessions.

You can check their website www.cinemark.com regularly for a listing of special special events. Operas and classical movies have been a favorite of Oro Valley movie-goers but there are many other events as well like "Hotwheels: Origin of Awesome," June 7th and 8th at 11:00 am and a "Dr. Who" special, "Rise of Cyberman/Age of Steel," June 16th and 17th. You can also sign up for their weekly email or like them on Facebook and enjoy concession coupons and other special offers each week.

See you at the movies!
Heather Nenadovich has lived in Oro Valley a total of five years. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona. Her husband is Canadian so she is a hockey fan by default and so are her two very clever children. When not being a mommy, she enjoys hiking in Catalina State Park, hand building pottery, and gardening. Her favorite things about living in Oro Valley are the towns recognition of art and culture, their commitment to preserving nature and the Christmas parade. (Also anything from GMG Chinese Bistro.)

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