Monday, June 16, 2014

Game Over August 26... No General Election Needed..Vote August 26

Several years ago, the State changed when Oro Valley voters will elect their mayor and council members.  The change was from a separate election in March, the primary, and May, the final election.  The state changed the primary voting for Oro Valley candidates to an August primary. This is coincident with the partisan primary.  The change was made to save cities and towns money.

With every change there are unintended consequences.

An August primary is a time at which independents are not in the habit of voting.  This is because the August primary is a partisan election. Generally, only registered Democrat or Republican voters vote in this primary.

Those of us who are registered independents are not in the habit of voting in the partisan August primary.  But vote we must! It is probable that there will be no general election for Oro Valley positions.  There will be no November election.  It will all be over in the primary!

This is because the mayor and all 3 council member positions will get votes sufficient to win in August.

You must vote for Oro Valley candidates in the August 26 primary election or you will not get to vote at all.  This is true regardless of your political party affiliation.

Why?  There are only 2 Mayoral candidates.  One will have a majority of votes. He will be the winner.

Why? There are 4 council candidates vying for 3 council positions.  A change in the manner in which the state requires the county to calculate the winning number of votes threshold for this election results in a low winning votes threshold. The threshold is the total number of votes cast divided by 6. It is likely that all 4 council candidates will earn sufficient votes to exceed that level. The top 3 vote getters will win.

So, if you want be in the game you need to be sure to you vote in the primary.

What To Do If You Are Voting In Person

There is no problem if you are going to go to the polls to vote on August 26, as long as you are on the active voter list.  If you are not, they will allow you to vote but you will be on a provisional list. These votes are counted after they confirm that you are a registered voter.  They will ask you to select one of three ballots: Democrat, Republican or Oro Valley only.  The Democrat and Republican ballots will include the Oro Valley positions.  Pick one of the 3 ballots. Vote. Done.

What To Do If You Are Voting By Mail

Voting by mail is a bit tricky.

As we have posted repeatedly and as posted on the top of the right hand column on this page, you will receive a ballot only if you are an active voter, a registered republican or democrat, and at your residence to receive your mail. The post office will not forward the ballot.  The ballots go out July 31. They are due back before the election. They won't count your ballot if it is received after the election date.

If you are a registered independent, not listed on the active voter list, or not going to be at your residence to receive the ballot between July 31 and August 23, you need to call the Pima County Recorder's Office at 724-4330 option 6 to tell them that you want to vote in this election and where you want your ballot sent. If you do not do this you will not get a ballot and you will not vote.

If you don't get your mail in ballot within a few days of July 31, call the Recorders's Office and find out why you have not yet received it.  Don't leave anything to chance.

Every Vote Counts

It bears repeating: "Every vote counts."  The 2010 Mayoral Election was decided by 30 votes.  So please make provisions to get your ballot. And vote.

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Richard Furash, MBA said...

Thank you, Richard, for posting this.
It is extremely important that everyone votes in the primary. Pat Straney and Don Bristow need your help to win the primary.