Friday, April 18, 2014

Bits and Pieces


Oro Valley State Representative Adam Kwansman made the most bizarre appeal to his colleagues this week.  In supporting a bill that would allow state single family homeowners to keep poultry at their homes, Kwansman begged fellow legislators to pass the bill because it would be good for his relationship with a girl.  Was he joking? Who knows?  (Source)
Oro Valley Elections: Always Rancorous

We thought you'd enjoy this old-time negative campaign add that appeared in the local advertising circular in 2004. The advertisement "names names" and "fear mongers."

"Oro Valley Candidates 2004 and the town council candidates they support are driving down the road to property taxes. By opposing commercial development in Oro Valley, they are cutting off sales tax revenue that Oro Valley needs to fund critical services."

With ads like this, it is no wonder that only a few want to run for town council or mayor.  Who would want to deliberately set themselves up for this insanity?

Fact is, the thing that will drive Oro Valley to the need for property taxes is the drastic over expansion of the town budget, an over expansion like Oro Valley is going to see in 2014-15

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